Thursday, October 15, 2009

Do it to me everytime...

have any of you out there tried the new quizno's double cheese cheesesteak sandwich??? well i have and it was AMAZING!!! the flavor of the steak meat with the warm toated bread and melted cheese was something otherworldly... oh man, my mouth is watering just thinking about having another juicy bite. (this all sounds really gross and rude sounding...) go out there and try one right now. it's totally worth it and you will not be dissapointed.

sooooooooo, i bet most of you know these guys here. i don't have to go into much detail about them because many have already. really, many have written about these guys and keep on writing. i guess that's because this band keeps making new albums. for me, i stopped after just two. anything else past their second album isn't the band that i loved. and yes, many people have said that same thing as well. okay, so anyway here is the band Weezer.

those two albums in question are The Blue Album (1994) and the amazing Pinkerton (1996). i guess if you really really like their other stuff then that's fine, but for me it ended with pinkerton. the above photograph should be proof because that was the original lineup. after pinkerton, bass player Matt Sharp left to play with his other band The Rentals and the band went on hiatius while lead singer Rivers Cuomo went to college to finish whatever it was he did there and also to become depressed and paint the walls in his house black. after that the band came back in 2000 playing a few dates on the vans warped tour and a few sporadic shows, then headed back into the studio to make the green album. i stopped right there. that was it. nothing more for me. i can't even really watch or look at the band weezer today because it just makes a mockery of what they once were. (at least in my opinion...)

yeah, so check out these two albums below and enjoy the simplistic pop of a band who were one of the forerunners of the early emo movement from the 90's and such.

I'm tired, so tired
I'm tired of having sex (so tired)
I'm spread so thin
I don't know who I am (who I am)

Monday night I'm making Jen
Tuesday night I'm making Lynn
Wednesday night I'm making Jasmine
Oh, why can't I be making love come true?

I'm beat, beet red
Ashamed of what I said (what I said)
I'm sorry, here I go
I know I'm a sinner
But I can't say no (say no)

Thursday night I'm making Denise
Friday night I'm making Therese
Saturday night I'm making Louise
Oh, why can't I be making love come true?

Tonight I'm down on my knees
Tonight I'm begging you please
Tonight, tonight, oh please
Oh, why can't I be making love come true?

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