Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Double who? Double you!...

well now, i'm happy for once in a long while. today i got my application in to become a substitute teacher. it's all a part of the plan to become a full fledged teacher. i hope i can do that by next fall. i guess this is where i'm going to be going in my life right now. its feels like the right thing. i'm just gonna take it one day at a time.

oh, i just found out tonight that the movie Paranormal Activity will be playing here in oklahoma starting this weekend!!! this is gonna be awesome!!! SPOOKY!!! bbbwwwaaaaa ha ha ha...

okay, i haven't posted any screamo/skrams stuff in a while, so here for ya is the amazing and freekin' crazy band known as Jeromes Dream. what an awesome name huh???

this band is a bit mysterious to any who didn't see them during their short time. for one, they were totally unique in how they performed. they were a three piece and the guitarists stood with their backs to the audience and never used mics. yes, these guys played without a mic and the sheer intensity was amazing. screamer jeff smith bellowed out his lyrics against the raw harcore/math rock that the band performed. the sets were often short with ususally ten minutes or so to "get the point across."

it is rumored that when recording music, the band had a mic on the floor and also take note when first listening to the music posted here. several of the first songs have an entirely diffrent sound than the latter ones. this is because jeff sustained vocal chord damage and simply couldn't sing or scream anymore. with that the music became toned way down and showcased a much more refined sound, but alas that was it for the band. check out this video below to see them in action. also be sure to appreciate the raw punkness of the messy video!!!

so here is their entire discography collected from two cd's titled Completed: 1997-2001. this is an awesome collection and i hope you like it!!!

scream your lungs out...

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