Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I'm Lost...

time to catch a breeze. i'm still here and thinkin' about moving forward with my writing. i believe i'm about to take the challenge of writing my first book. it's gonna be creative non-fiction i think. all the subject matter i have at hand is deep within those boundaries, so i want to make it all known as best i can without leaving the important facts out. it's a personal family story. one that goes back very far into the history of not only my family, but also oklahoma as well. since i can't seem to get a real job, i'm gonna make this my real job. besides what did i go to school for anyway??? just to get with someone and then breakup and feel like trash afterwords??? no!!! that is not what i want my story of me to be about. i want to at least attempt to do something worthwhile. something to be proud of and something to leave behind that's not thought of as bad and unworthy or whatever people think of.

i woke up early again today. it's nice to be on track for once. here for you is some shoegaze music that is spacey and sexy all together. this band took over after My Bloody Valentine broke up, but for only a short time. they split up in the 90's like so many great artists that i post on this blog. anyway here is the band. they were called Slowdive.

have any of you seen the Greg Araki movie "Nowhere"??? well that director uses a lot of shoegaze artists in his films to set the mood of a counterculture that sometimes makes me think is on the edge of the universe and might fall off at any second. you can feel that way when you watch his films like "The Living End" "Doom Generation" and more recently "Mysterious Skin". in the film Nowhere, the opening credits feature a song by Slowdive called "Avalyn". this song sets up the mood for the druggy film to follow as well as all the other artists who play one after the other.

slowdive is a musical orgasm. or better yet, an eargasm. the music takes you to outer space and you fall in love with the groove and drugs if thats your bag. heck, this music is so good that you might not even need drugs to enjoy it, but whatever. so here for the post is the bands self titled ep then their first two full length albums Just For A Day and Souvlaki. some of my favorite tracks are the aformentioned "Avalyn" as well as "Alison" "Souvlaki Space Station" and "Catch The Breeze". After the brand broke up a few went on to form the great Mojave 3. i suggest you check them out as well.

Silence grows
My feelings flow
I'm dreaming now
Of all the things I know
I'm here on my own

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