Sunday, October 25, 2009

Jr built to dinosaur spill...

well tonight i attended another oklahoma concert. Dinosaur Jr. and Built To Spill. it was an awesome night, full of people who seemed to have never left the 90's. i felt like i was in the right place. yeah, so built to spill was awesome, but by the time they came on i was terribly tired still from my trip to tulsa on saturday, so i didn't watch their entire set. sorry lindsay... but on the other hand, i did watch all of dinosaur jr and it was freekin' awesome!!!

J. Mascis can shred. no doubt about it, that guy was a monster on his guitar. it was song after song from their first three albums and then their two newer ones. songs like "little fury things" and "over it" played across the crowd with do much force and grace. the band is super tight and complement each other well with just bass, drums, and guitar. Lu Barlow took the reigns and sang several songs himself, trading off with J's Neil Young type growl. over all it was an unforgettable night. i'm glad i took it in because like i will always say, you never know how much longer these bands will be together or how long we will be here on this planet...

oh, so during the set changes i overheard some music playing. this time i knew who it was and with that i was inspired to post the music section on that band who were called Galaxie 500.

this trio formed in the late 80's and only released three albums. they all met in college in new york and on a funny note, drummer Damon Krukowski was roomates with Conan O'Brien. singer Dean Wareham and bassist Naomi Yang played with a lo-fi sound and mixed dream pop with heartfelt lyrics and soft singing while damon made the steady pace with his tight but easy drumming. so get into them and check it out. here is their second and most accomplished album, On Fire.

Tell me one more time
You like the shoes I wear
Tell me as you leave
You really couldn't care
I bought all the drinks
And I paid for your friends
Can't you see
I'm goin round the bend?

Step into my shoes
And see things as I do
Step inside this house
You know I'd love you to
How come you can't see
The things you left behind?
How come you can't see
I'm goin round the bend?

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