Monday, November 2, 2009

Let it burst and bloom...

november is here finally, and with that comes the reality check that freekin' CALL OF DUTY: MODERN WARFARE II drops this month!!! holy crap i'm excited for it!!! time to get back into the groove of a new fps shooter and dominate the multiplayer world. this time i'm not just gonna stop after a few prestige modes. no, this time i'm gonna rank all the way to the top of the lists and then whenever people look at the online rankings they will see my name at the uppermost part. the name EATDOGS will be known all over the world. i will be the call of duty master!!! try and stop me and you will be served!!!

okaaaaayyyyyyy, so the month of november also brings the thanksgiving holidays. i like this holiday simply because of the food quantities and the nice change of scenery and weather. here in oklahoma we have very strange weather, but also nice weather. it's always a mixed bag. i remember one year when i was a youngling, the weather being so strange in just one week. first we had chilly cold air and wind, then we had lots of rain mixed with sleet, then it turned into an ice storm then it ended with snow all over. this happened in just one week. yeah, so oklahoma is like that sometimes. you know, one of those sporadic places where you don't quite know whats goin' on unless you have lived there for many years. (new mexico became that for me...)

this post is gonna a be a bit short, so right now i want to go ahead and skip to the music. here is the wonderful band Cursive.

i love this band because singer tim kashner writes some really personal profound lyrics that i instantly connected with. these lyrics became an outlet for me when i was going through a rough patch in my personal life. (bad breakup...) this band hails from omaha nebraska and releases albums on coner oberst's own saddle creek records. the band formed in 1995 after the breakup of tim's and coner's previous band Commander Venus. these guys play indie/emo rock with great passion and huge talent. recent releases have showcased the band mixing some country and folk styles into their already big gene pool.

so here are the albums i hail as their best by the band. first is the bands debut lp titled Such Blinding Stars for Starving Eyes, then we have the famous and my personal favorite album Domestica, and then third is one of the best ep's ever made (in my opinion) Burst and Bloom, and last is the groundbreaking and highpoint of the bands career, The Ugly Organ. so with that i want you all to choose carefully and give these guys a listen. domestica is the ultimate breakup album and one that i'm glad to have had at the time when i needed it...

The night has fallen down the staircase
And I, for one, have felt its bruises
Equilibrium; inebriated
Our social graces have been displaced

As we sink deeper into the drink
The volume increases....
Night time resurrects fault lines
Silent wars -- rumble somewhere below
The surfaces verses...
The surfaces verses...
The shoe is dropped, lungs explode
Shards of words of a shattered voice
And there's still a hole where the phone was thrown

Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah...
Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah...

The moon is rising, a revolution
I close my eyes and the room is spinning
You're screaming:

"Sweetie, the moon has raped me --
It has left its seeds like a tomb inside me
So I must learn to abort these feelings
This romance is bleeding..."

Night time triggers the land mines
Bedroom wounds -- lovers like brigadiers
Marching two by two...
Marching two by two...
A soldier's down
Flood gates burst
I've said some things I wish you'd never heard
Like, "There's still a hole where the phone was thrown."
It's growing as we speak
And it's sucking us both in
A vacuum of sorrow to swallow up the day

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