Monday, November 30, 2009

Sinus Problems...

yeah, i'm stopped up again. despite the totally awesome weekend, i was sick almost everyday. at first i thought it was a cold, but i then began to notice it only being my nose and head. congestion is one of the most annoying things ever... so, last night my friend told me he got the new call of duty game, so i got online and played a few rounds with the guy. once i got to the main playrooms i checked my score and noticed that i was no longer on the very top of the list!!! i got bumped down two places!!! i ended the night in the wee hours of the morning, claiming my top spot once again, but only by a few thousand points. i know it will be beaten again, so i'm just getting myself ready for the onslaught of long hours playing call of duty. (i'm such a nerd...)

i don't really know what to post for music today. usually i post something that has been recently listened to, or just something that crossed my mind, but today i'm out of ideas. hmm, what have i not talked about in a long time, or not at all??? hmm... give me a second here...

do any of you like a little jazz music??? i certainly do and when i think of jazz there is only one artist that comes to mind. the amazing Miles Davis.

probably the most influential jazz musician to ever live, miles davis was way ahead of everybody out there doing jazz at the time. now, i know that jazz isn't the most accessible music known to man, but once you let yourself go and you get into the depths of it, you begin to feel the coolness of it all and the pure genius that the music entails.

miles davis was first and foremost a jazz player, but he was also a bandleader and composer. most of his works were all done by the man himself. i first got into davis back in the early 2000's after reading about him in the rolling stone top 500 greatest albums. (i often quote that issue...) his album, Kind of Blue, was in the top ten greatest albums, so i had to go check it out for myself. to be honest, i wasn't that impressed at first, but after some time i began to understand. it was in those subtle, quiet moments that i listened to the album and sure enough it became an addictive medicine for me. i sometimes put long pieces of music in the background while i do my work or anything for that matter. this album was always worth listening to whenever the time was right.

miles davis went on to work with a number of latter well known musicians like, John Coltrane, Herbie Hancock, Bill Evans, Wayne Shorter, Chick Corea, John McLaughlin, Cannonball Adderley, and many many more. davis was proficient in the 50's, 60's, and 70's. in the latter he started to go electric end experiment with his music. this was his most artistic period and remains his most influential. sadly, miles davis passed away in 1991 from a stroke. still though, the man made music for many many years and it still lives on like the legend himself.

so today i'm gonna post my personal favorites (all of the music is my favorite!!!) and just a warning, these files are quite large, so it may take some time before it all finishes. first off is the amazing album Kind of Blue and second is the double album which is totally crazy and psychedelic, Bitches Brew and third is Sketches of Spain and coming in fourth and last is the unappreciated and double album On The Corner. this last album was panned in its time, but is now considered to be one of the most influential albums in modern electronic music, post-punk, hip-hop, and drum n' bass. check these classics out and enjoy the free spirit of jazz.

be cool...


  1. whats the password to these tasty tunes?

  2. i'm sorry, but could you please specify???

  3. What's the password for Bitches Brew??