Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Music changed our lives...

Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story is on tv right now. i remember seeing this with my dad many years ago. it was quite fun, and also sort of mysterious because the death of bruce lee is still a mystery in some ways. i really liked how they portrayed bruce as a normal person who makes mistakes and is not the most perfect person as many might think. yes, he was the best martial artist ever, but in this movie you actually see him get a few punches to his face often, which we all know is quite possible because he wasn't perfect. but still, wow!!! that man sure could whup some butt when he needed to, and in this film it showcases that exceptionally. oh, and the main star of the film is asian actor jason scott lee who portrays bruce lee. i like this actor solely based off the wonderful and terribly underrated movie Map of The Human Heart. that is a film you all should go searching for.

okay, well the first time i heard the band i'm about to mention was always during the opening of the show Jackass. the song is called "corona" and the band was called The Minutemen.

lead by guitarist d. boon and followed by bassist mike watt and drummer george hurley, the minutemen were one of the odd ones out of the hardcore punk bunch simply because they didn't play to any of the same styles as their peers did during the 80's. most songs were short, never really going past two minutes and such. the band's name doesn't come from their short song lengths, but from the minutemen of the colonial past as a sort of joke on them and a right-wing reactionary group from the 60's.

in 1984 the band released the stellar double album titled Double Nickels on the Dime on greg ginns sst label. the album featured 45 songs with themes ranging from the vietnam war, racism in america, and the working class experience and linguistics. the album also showed just how diverse the band was when playing thier music with styles such as funk, country, jazz, and spoken word. even though the album and band have a cult following, they haven't really been known as well as they should have. the album mentioned was also included in the Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums of All Time issue and ranked number 411 respectfully.

in december 1985, after a tour with then emerging band R.E.M., boon was killed in a car accident and the band stopped after that. they were in the beginning stages of making a triple album with new songs and live tracks, but never got to it after the death. mike watt and george hurley wanted to stop playing music, but after being encouraged by minutemen fan ed crawford, they all joined together and formed the band fIREHOSE. they did that for a few years releasing some albums as well as watts own solo material. in 2003 watt joined with the legendary punk act The Stooges and has been playing with them since.

here today is their amazing masterpiece, Double Nickels on the Dime in its entirety. you all much check this out if you have never before because this is some stellar material and is an inspiration for those who want to diy, or do it yourselves.


music can change your life...

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