Thursday, November 12, 2009


sooooooo today is thursday and once again i have nothing much to say. it seems that i only post blogs in order to keep up the posting numbers, but in reality i really am trying to just write each and everyday. i graduated from college with a bfa in creative writing, so i think i should at least try to keep up with that original plan. i still have a goal to write a novel and get it published sometime in the future. everything else is in front right now, so my writing is having to take a back seat at the moment. i hate to do that because each and everyday i could have been writing something for that book, but i always pass it up in order to do something else. i also could be working on the final stages of my powwow outfit, but i pass that up as well... ugh. i'm always missing something special in life. i won't pass up on anything anymore!!! like this weekend for instance. i believe me and my mother are possibly getting together to watch that movie 2012. yeah, so that will be silly and cool at the same time. i just hope it all works out well.

i know that i have many obligations on my plate to finish. i need to write my novel, i have to keep subbing and get that experience in order to become a full fledged teacher, i also need to finish my fancy dance powwow outfit as well as spend important time with my family. yep... lots and lots to do and i'm still young so it's not like i can't do any of it.

i want to add another post in the letter "o" section, so here is a classic 90's emo band that most of you have never heard of. the little i know of them is this: they were from kalamazoo, michigan around 1993-1995. they toured a little outside their state in the summer of 1994, but mostly just played local shows. they were called Ordination of Aaron.

like most of those more obscure 90's emo bands, these guys are not known that well outside their local scene, but still today we have their entire discography for you!!! Ordination of Aaron: Complete Works. it's really good stuff right here. the sound is what i expect from the 90's emo/indie world and it's great. please note that most of these bands were not the best musicians, but the heartfelt passion is there in full force and that is way more than nothing. enjoy!!!

you gotta go elsewhere for this...

now it's time to work...

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