Tuesday, November 17, 2009

In My Eyes...

the weather has finally changed from nice and breezy to flat out cold!!! it happened over night. the wind started to fly faster and the air became much much colder and wet. last night i went out to grab a few of those cheap pizzas from little ceasars and it was misting!!! we all know here in oklahoma, that when mist is combined with the chilly weather sleet begins to form, so that means the roads become slippery!!! i'm gonna go ahead a predict another winter ice storm will happen. it always does and it's really amazing to see everything iced over. but it's also dangerous too!!!

so as i was trying to sleep last night i kept messing with my ipod and i happened to stumble upon my favorite punk band. i totally forgot about them for some reason, but now it's all fresh again!!! here is the best hardcore band to ever exist (in my opinion...) Minor Threat.

i mentioned these guys before in my huge Fugazi post from way back. well here they are finally. it's great to discover old bands and feel as if it's something new again. i had forgotten just how amazing these young dudes were when playing their simple, yet out of this world punk tunes. forming back in 1980 in washington dc and then breaking up in 1983, the band was short lived but left a mark on punk music in general and a formula for bands to follow. they are credited for starting the underground movement "straightedge" which each member followed. straight edge is the idea of living life without drugs, alchohol, and premarital sex. yes, it's a hard life for many to live and there are some out there who can do it with humbleness, but there are also those who pretty much rub it in your face. in later years the movement became something called "hardline" which was an entirely different idea from the original thought of straightedge. this movement became militant and several of those who followed hardline got into trouble for attacking those who do the opposite of straightedge at the old school punk shows. and even in the much more latter latter years we get this stuff out there called FSU, or "friends stand united" which has been covered in several local news programs and even cosidered to be a gang movement.

so, all of those things came out of this one band. they take responsibility for their songs and what they stood for, but they never embraced the then and even now, current violence at punk shows. this is what led minor threat to disband and then the follow up bands Embrace, Rights of Spring, and Fugazi to form and pave the way for music that wasn't really the same. the rest they say, is history.

here for you is the complete discography of minor threat. every song they made is right here in one album. this is very fast straightedge hardcore punk music. check it out and listen to a bunch of young, sober, and pissed off kids making music with ideas.


you tell me you like the taste
you just need an excuse
you tell me it calms your nerves
you just think it looks cool
you tell me you want to be different
you just change for the same
you tell me it's only natural
you just need the proof
did you fucking get it?

it's in my eyes
and it doesn't look that way to me
in my eyes

you tell me that nothing matters
you're just fucking scared
you tell me that i'm better
you just hate yourself
you tell me that you like her
you just wish you did
you tell me that i make no difference
at least i'm fuckin' trying
what the fuck have you done?

it's in my eyes
and it doesn't look that way to me
in my eyes

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