Monday, November 23, 2009

Keep your mind open...

this past weekend i watched a terrific movie around 1am in the morning. originally i thought it was that sort of sequel to Jumanji, which i think is called Zathustra, but as it turns out it wasn't. instead it was a little movie called The Bridge to Terabithia. i was hesitant at first to watch this kiddy affair, but that all soon changed as i gave it my time and was rewarded with a genuine heartfelt movie about adolescence and growing up facing life's problems and tribulations. the child actors were very good and the adults complimented them easily. i was taken aback towards the end when tragedy struck and hit my nerves like a sword made of ice. i couldn't believe what just happened!!! it was so sad that it actually made me shed a few tears. i haven't had a movie do that in a long time. after seeing this flick i had to see what people thought of it. to my surprise, many actually like it. to point out though, the early trailers for the movie really didn't showcase how the film actually is. i think the producers (the mouse...) tried to market the film as an alternative Narnia type movie when in reality it isn't. if you want to see something great for once, i highly recommend the bridge to terabithia.

okay, so today i want to step back in time again and visit the beggining of punk once more. last time i talked about The Velvet Underground, so this time i think it's gotta be about the band Television.

here's one of those first to come about during the 70's. after the velvet underground, the influences came and one of the many to sprout up was television. they formed in 1973 in new york city (most of these early punks seem to be from there...) and were actually the first band to get hilly crystal to let them play at cbgb's. they even erected the first stage there!!! never getting huge here in america, they blew up in europe and garnered most of their fan base there. hangin' with their contemporaries like Patty Smith, The Ramones, Blondie, and The Dead Boys, television were often the odd ones out of the bunch, even getting the name, "the grateful dead of punk". this name comes from their excessive use of guitar noodling/jamming on stage. after just three albums the band broke up in 1978, sporadically reuniting in much later years.

there is only one album for me to post since this is the only album i listen to by them. placed at number 123 in rolling stones 500 Greatest Abums of All Time, here is their debut record titled, Marquee Moon.

Jam on...

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