Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Should i stay or should i go...

tomorrow i'm leaving for the holidays. i haven't been out of town in a while, so this is perfect timing. today i want to make a big post because i won't be able to have access to the internet for a few days. i hope all of you out there who might read this blog have a wonderful week and time off from work or school. be sure to eat lots and lots of good food and enjoy the company of others.

okay, so this next band is one of my favorites. they are totally awesome and use to hang on my wall in poster form during college. they were at the start of the late 70's early 80's punk movement and are often considered to be the best in many circles. i know that when compared to the other punk bands of that time, these guys stand out as being the best. (in my humble opinion of course!!!) here for you to enjoy is The Clash.

what is it about these guys that makes them so amazing??? well for starters they just rock. it's as simple as that. while their peers may have been all over the place in their punkness, the clash went aside and just made great music. while i could hum along with The Ramones and The Sex Pistols, the clash made actual songs that got stuck in my head for days on end. whenever i discovered their masterpiece double album London Calling, i fell in love with the entire thing. just like the other days post on The Minutemen and their double album Double Nickles on the Dime, the clash's london calling is just as amazing, if not more so because every freekin' song on that album is awesome. there is not a bad one in the bunch. i can't skip anything because they are all good!!! how many artists can you say have done that huh???

the band formed in england around 1976 and were part of the first wave of british punk. they played with styles ranging from punk, to dub, ska, reggae, funk, rap, and even rockabilly. for most of the bands career, the membership included lead singer joe strummer, lead guitarist mick jones, paul simonon on bass, and nicky headon on drums. headon left the group in 1982 and eventually mick jones as well the following year. the band recruited replacement members and played until their breakup in early 1986.

in november 2002, the rock and roll hall of fame announced that the clash were to be inducted. the original members wanted to reunite to play a few songs in honor of being selected into the hall of fame, but paul simonon refused due to the bands original legacy of not playing for such an expensive organization. in december that same year, joe strummer died from a heart defect which put a stop to any possible reunions for the future. in march 2003, the original remaining members along with those who came later all shared the stage during the ceramony.

the bands legacy still lives on today. rolling stone honored them by stating london calling as "the best album of the 80's". it is ranked at number 8 in the Top 500 Greatest Albums by rolling stone as well. still today, they are often called, "the only band that matters", and with that comes many agreements by people. they did matter and they left us with a legacy of great music.

here today is their entire discography minus their final studio album and a few live albums. first is their self titled debut, then second is Give'em Enough Rope. coming in third is the double album masterpiece, London Calling and then the triple beast of an album which found the band going in all sorts of directions but none the less amazing still, Sandinista!. and finally, in last place is their swan song, Combat Rock. get these now and jam them all because music doesn't get much better than this!!!

happy thanksgiving...

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