Sunday, November 15, 2009

If You're Listening...

The Doors is on television at the moment. what a trippy movie that was. i personally love oliver stone films (Platoon, Wall Street, Any Given Sunday) and this particular one always sits on the tip going either way depending on my current mood. as of right now, the movie is doing just fine because i'm about to eat and i'm also blogging. what always strikes me about this film is how much stone made the scenes filter with excess use of drugs. it all flows like a crazy trip and adding to that is the wonderful music by the doors themselves. i know oliver stone was a 60's man. he went to vietnam and came back home to what we all know was a different world, a different america. needless to say, this was always one of the few val kilmer movies i liked besides Thunderheart. ha ha and i guess i can say that it now stands as one of the classics of cinema. oh, The Salton Sea was another awesome val kilmer flick.

let's skip ahead to the music now. the food my dad is cooking is just about ready!!! here is an old school emo band from the 90's that made one of the first leaps to the majors which alienated a lot of older fans, but made many many new ones. i'm talking of course about Jimmy Eat World.

this band started in 1993, forming in mesa arizona. they played local shows then began to tour finding other emo/indie type bands with similar styles and feelings towards the music. unlike most of the emo bands i post on, these guys are still around!!! they have released six studio albums and are currently working on their seventh. i'm sure most of you know who these guys are based off their extremely catchy single "the middle" and the video that accompanied it showing lots of teenagers in their underwears, but whatever!!! too many fans go far back to their older albums as their choice of music from the band, but it doesn't matter really. it's all good stuff!!!

okay, so here is the tunes!!! skipping their self titled debut i'm going straight to their second lp called Static Prevails, then next is the amazing and old school fan favorite Clarity, and last is their major label breakthrough Bleed American. here is a little short history for ya!!! bleed american was released right during 911, and was latter change to Jew or self titled. it wasn't until the 2008 remaster that the original title came back. just a thought for ya to think about when jammin' this great music.

This time it's on my own.

Minutes from somewhere else.
Somewhere I made a wish with Lucky Denver Mint.
Hurry go on ahead.
Good things won't let you wait.
I'll catch up when we get home.
At home I'll leave.
A dollar under water keeps on dreaming for me.
You're not bigger than this, not better.
Why can't you learn.

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