Wednesday, November 11, 2009

To The Engravers...

i didn't post yesterday because that day was war. the battle has now begun and call of duty is in control. i will just say that this is probably one of the best looking first person shooters i have ever played. also, it is official that this, hands down, has the ultimate and best multiplayer out there for any game anywhere. the engine is so smooth and the quality is magnificent. there is so much you can do in this aspect of the game itself, and that's not including the regular campaign and the awesome spec-ops mode. this is going to become one of my favorite fps of all time, right up there next to call of duty 2 for the pc. you all need to get this game and join me on the ps3 multiplayer. my id is: eatdogs

okay, now here is a band that many orgcore punkers love to death. they have been creating their own hype by performing more frequently now and releasing solid ep's and albums. they have that gruff vocal trait that many org punks love. the band states Hot Water Music, Small Brown Bike, Third Eye Blind, Silent Majority, and Lifetime as their influences and you can definitely hear those bands throughout their discography. here for you is the totally awesome Polar Bear Club.

forming in 2005, this band hails from rochester and syracuse new york. they started early, only playing a few select shows as a side band for the original members while on downtime from their other bands. after many shows, the band began to develop that infamous fan base that many so want, but can't quite get some times.

they released a cdr demo in 2005 and that caught the attention of triple attack records who soon released their first official ep titled The Redder the Better. the ep was met with rave reviews and many critics claimed the band to be the next big thing in the underground. with that the band started to take their music more seriously so work began on their debut full length. the album in question became Sometimes Things Just Dissapear. this was it for the band. their moment of clarity and full circle discovery. the full length had many great songs that fans claim as their best and critics hold up in high regard to lyrical and musical approach.

indie hardcore label bridge nine took notice and got the band to sign with their label. the short ep The Summer of George was released in between albums to hold off fans craving more. in 2009, the band dropped their most anticipated record yet, the fantastic Chasing Hamburg. i say fantastic because it is, but not to all. the album has almost polarized (no pun intended) old school fans because the band's original style has changed so much. i think they have just come into their own and all those old comparisons probably cramped their feelings towards their own music. i know i wouldn't always want to be compared to someone else's work.

so here you are. you have the original demo from 2005, the ep The Redder the Better, their first full length Sometimes Things Just Disappear, the little 7" ep titled The Summer of George, and their newest work Chasing Hamburg. enjoy!!!

see ya on the battle field...

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