Monday, November 16, 2009

Substance Over Style...

well i got a call just a little while ago to sub, but when i answered and entered my pin number it kept denying me. i must have entered my pin over four times before the line cut off completely. mind you this is not the first time this has happened, but it is the first time i have been cut off and not able to get through. i dialed the substitute hot line to see if i had any offers on my account and there were none. so yeah, i once again missed an opportunity to sub again. i swear i really tried this time, but alas, i guess it was just not to be... again!!!

i'm gonna make this a short post so here is the music. this is a band that many have been gettin' into for a few years now. of course many would probably say it's because of the bands image. well that's bollocks for sure because this band actually has talent and yes, they also have an image. an image that is very retro non the less. (that's some big hair kids!!!) anyway, here are The Horrors.

i have been pluggin' this band to many of my friends for years now. i got into them after reading a very small paragraph in rolling stone about their video for the song "sheena is a parasite". it was directed by chris cunningham who makes some of the most intense and artistic music videos i have ever seen. (Squarepusher, Portishead, Autechre) the song is relatively short, but it's also fast and groovy. oh, and there's tons of strob lights and some grotesque octopus monster that explodes from the inside of a woman in the video who also happens to be actress samantha morton.

oops, i forgot to mention a brief bio. um, well the band started in 2005 and they all hail from england, home of fish and chips. to describe their sound i would have to say 60's style garage punk. similar old school artists like The Seeds, The Sonics, and Radio Birdman and more modern garage punks like the criminally underrated The Mummies. you can also here other artists like The Birthday Party and Gun Club. this all changed of course once their second album dropped...

let's start right here with the discography. first is their simply short ep which is self titled. this was the first taste of the band before their debut lp came out. it's an awesome little ditty with great tunes and of course the song "sheena is a parasite". next is aforementioned lp titled Strange House. this album shreds with that classic garage punk feel. it's loud, noisy, and full of spunk arrogance. i love it!!! okay, and now the last album and most current by the band is my personal favorite and one that separated the band from what they once were to who they are now. the album is Primary Colours. so, what exactly happened to the band once this album came out??? well for starters they matured into full fledged musicians which they always were, but just not to the point of showing it very well. this album showcased the band going into a more darker tone and embracing old school 80's nu-wave artists like Joy Divison and Depeche Mode. just to please everybody, i will also say that this album reminded me of many more artists like Neu!, The Editors, Interpol, The National, Magazine, Can, Modern English, My Bloody Valentine, and Slowdive.

just to show you what i mean, here is a video for the song "sea within a sea"

yes the band went all out and made a very very good album right here. i love the shoegaze influence and downbeat of nu-wave throughout the album. oh, and chris cunningham was a producer as well!!! so now you know and the more you know the better you are!!! listen to these jams and collectively freak out!!!

drop in sometime...

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