Thursday, November 19, 2009

I'm banned in okc...

with heavy sleep comes bad dreams. at least for me sometimes... i slept for a very long time last night and today, waking up around 4 in the afternoon. i hate doing that!!! well always towards the end of my sleep i tend to dream. i guess it's the r.e.m. mode that happens, but whatever the case, my dreams end up being weird and scary. i don't want to dive into what the dreams were about, but i always wake up feeling a bit queezy and sort of self aware of my surroundings and the people in them. it's all ends up feeling like another dream. one where i'm awake, but still asleep if that makes any sense...

to continue my old school punk mood of late, here is probably the most excellent of musicians that punk had during the 80's scene. i want you all to know a little bit about the Bad Brains.

this band was always considered by many to be the best out there. these guys could shred and to make it even more awesome, they were all black!!! why is that awesome??? well in an almost all white scene, this band stood out on the top not just because of their minority status, but because of their ferocious style of playing music. forming in 1977 in washington dc, these guys were originally a jazz fusion ensemble before turning towards punk rock. they built their original fan base in the dc area often playing with bands like Minor Threat, The Void, and Scream.

besides the punk influence, the band also delved into reggae styles with songs such as "i luv i jah" and "leaving babylon". in later years the band slowed their pace and began to explore more mysterious styles of music. adding to that was inner band drama and the harsh lifestyle of the time that led to the eventual break-up of the bad brains. over time there were numerous reunions, but none really captured the band as they once were back in the day. still though, like always, we have the music to listen to and help us remember a time long gone.

here today is one album to check out. it's the self titled debut by the bad brains. often considered to be the best album in punk ever made, the self titled debut showcased the band in all their brutal glory. those who saw them back then still hold their experience up high. even artists such at The Beastie Boys, claim the bad brains as major influences. yes, these guys are still talked about and still loved. here is the music for you to listen for yourself.

I make decision with precision
Lost inside this manned collision
Just to see that what is to be
Perfectly my fantasy

I came to know with now dismay
That in this world we all must pay
Pay to write, pay to play
Pay to cum, pay to fight

And all in time,
With just our minds
We soon will find
What's left behind

Not long ago when things were slow
We all got by with what we know
The end is near. Hearts filled with fear
Don't want to listen to what they hear

And so it's now we choose to fight
To stick up for our bloody right
The right to sing, the right to dance
The right is ours... We'll take the chance

A peace together
A piece apart
A piece of wisdom
From our hearts

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