Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sick Day...

it seems i have come down with some sort of bug... i don't like being sick. my throat is sore and my head is more heavy than usual. my head actually feels like a fishbowl, with my brain sloshing around in it's own liquid. as i type this the classic movie Arachnophobia is on. i think it was maybe this movie that made me terrified of spiders, or maybe i was scared of them all along. ugh, i hate spiders.

oh, so last night i went to the movies with my grandma despite feeling like total crap. it was really fun!!! a lot more fun than i thought it would be. plus you can't beat free passes!!! i arrived in brick town (downtown okc) at about five or so to meet up with her and eat at spaghetti warehouse. the lasagna there is amazing!!! after that we drove a few blocks down to the theater and waited in line to see jim carrey play in the new computerized version of A Christmas Carol. now i will go ahead and say that this movie was way better than i thought it would be going in. i judged it all based on the trailer i saw a few weeks earlier. it was loud, fast, and freekin' annoying. but this movie proved to be better than that. the pace was set nicely and the characters were actually quite funny. all three ghosts of christmas were done by carrey himself, and when you see him as scrooge you believe it.

robert zemeckis has done three films so far i think, that use live action mixed with the cg computer graphics of company's like pixar and dream works. those other two films seemed a bit creepy, but i think they finally perfected it this time. i have seen multiple versions of a christmas carol and this one is now one of the best. i recommend it for anybody. oh, and they gave us free 3d glasses too!!!

heh heh, now as a type this actor jeff daniels is goin' one-on-one with the big daddy spider in the movie. funny how the characters in that spider movie are complete idiots at the end. the man is literally being thrown to the ground after fighting the spider in the cellar of his house. now its staring at him with its many eyes. oooooo the dramatic pose of the spider!!! the music swells up and then jeff pushes down on a piece of wood sending the spider flying into a small fire. the spider then rushes out screaming its head off!!! now the finishing move happens as jeff quickly picks up his nail gun and shoots the spider sending it flying towards the huge egg sack and making it explode upon impact. the end... what a classically dumb movie that was. still, i remember it fondly. ha ha

well now, how about some music??? here is a band i found sort of by accident even though i knew of them before. you see, i was doing some searching around for some old 90's emo music at a local fye store and i couldn't find anything on my list. when browsing through the letter "a" section i stumbled upon this band. now i knew this was something worth getting simple because i have heard of them in connection with other similar artists i knew and also because i liked their name. so without further ado, here is The Appleseed Cast.

this band started in 1997 and currently hails from lawrence kansas, the hometown of The Get Up Kids, and Coalesce among others. they have that heavy 90's emo sound and are very similar to other such artists as the wonderful Mineral and Sunny Day Real Estate. in two of the albums i'm posting here the band went all out and tried the post-rock sound to a degree and got away with it. those two albums titled Low Level Owl Vol. 1-2 showcase the band trying something dramatically different and yet being themselves and pushing the boundaries of their art and talent.

enough with all the description, here is the music!!! that album i found the the record store is the first one here, and their debut which is awesomely titled The End of the Ring Wars. second and third is the already mentioned Low Level Owl Vol. 1-2 and last is the album Two Conversations. so with that go ahead and get down with it and enjoy some emotional music with soul.





fall down
fall sounds of rain
why can't i go
those days when spokes wound baseball cards tear hear them roar
and faster still those boards which let fly souls
honeysuckle walk right afternoon time dies
wish for sometime soon
i'll work it out
my way
so many faces
so lost
why can't i go back when this mess was not made
forever turns out just the same as two months
that rages on then after

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