Saturday, January 23, 2010

Kid Candy...

well i found out that Cap n' Jazz played a short four song set last night in chicago. this "mini" reunion show was captivating, but of course i didn't find out about it till this morning. it's not like i would have gone anyway, but it leads me to want a full on reunion tour. i would have loved to seen them back in the 90's, but i never got that chance. let's hope this sparks their interest in doing such a thing. crazy, but some really good 90's bands have been getting back together these past few years. i got to see The Get Up Kids, and i missed Sunny Day Real Estate, but here's hoping that i get to see them eventually. maybe at Coachella if things work out... heck, even the band Jawbox is reuniting to play on some late night show with that dude from snl. things are pretty awesome on this front.

well speaking of bands reuniting, here was one that did just that a few years ago. they played at some major festivals, including the Fest in gainsville, florida and are still together. they are called, Seaweed.

this band originally formed in 1989 and existed until 2000. they are from tacoma, washington and were part of the early grunge/punk movement of the 90's. but, unlike their peers whom they were compared to often, seaweed had a more punk/emo approach to their music which set them apart. they often toured with similar bands like, Bad Religion, Fluf, Quicksand, Mudhoney, Samiam, Jawbreaker, and Superchunk. they were even on the very first warped tour way back in 1995. needless to say, this band was/is awesome and one worth discovering. so, since 2007, seaweed has been going strong and supposedly trying to make a new album between sporadic tours. give them a listen and have fun!!!

today i have all their stuff minus tons and tons of singles and 7 inches. first is the self titled ep, followed by the lp Despised. next we have the album Weak and then the awesome album called, Four. this is where one should start. look for the songs, "kid candy" and "loosing skin". for a little history, i saw the video for kid candy on beavis and butthead way back when!!! after that album we have Spanaway which was their major label debut. and in last place is the album, Actions and Indications. yes, this stuff is really good and i hope you all give it a try. enjoy!!!

there's a time for not speaking out
i was amused by the casting of shouts
walk by on a stupid whim
into your neck where the theory begins
never spoke of this you know
this is a place where we can't be candid
cheecky smite that you could hear
try to crawl into something
they didn't make
and miss the core

already know that i'm wrong
so why obsess about what side i'm on
all this will fall into seed
i'm not approaching you
cuz i'm afraid that you might move
i'll the color when i speak

this behavior has a right
and it's better than the counter
that you might
lose some skin that you didn't have to fun
reach the point and lose the joy
reach the place and shut my mouth off
from your forearm shouts a tear
crawling off into another growth
and it is steep

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