Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Good Buddy...

a really great friend of mine is about to leave her home and go to another state for her future. i wish her all the luck and love i can give and in her honor, i'm gonna post two albums by Sonic Youth.

she's gonna get to see them tonight which i'm totally jealous of!!! i got to see them at Coachella Arts and Music Festival back in 2007 and it was an amazing experience. i just remember thinking that they would be even better in a smaller club setting. she's gonna get that opportunity tonight and she's so lucky!!!

here are two of their older albums from way back in their younger days. first is my second favorite album by the band titled EVOL and then next we have the album Sister. this was the album before Daydream Nation hit the streets and sonic youth become legends. enjoy and have fun good buddy!!!



My violence is a dream
A 'real dream'
A skinny arm
A crush on living sin
My violence
Is a sleeping head
Nodding out to rising bliss
I left home for experience
Carved 'suk for honesty' on my chest
My violence is the number
Coming out of prayer
Find it in the father
Find it in a girl

There's a thing in my memory
Hoilding on for dear life
With a feeling of secrets
Beating up under my flesh
My tongue is tied
I'm sleeping nights awake
Tom violence is a dream
Coming out of a girl

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