Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hell's Kitchen...

today is tuesday and i have a new hope. a hope that i will get a certain job. this certain job is one that i can totally relate to and totally do well. it's also something i can actually use my college education for. you know, all those years i spent in school far away from home??? well those years weren't for partyin'!!! i'm excited, but also very nervous. i just hope i can get a break and that they will give me a chance to work.

hmm...well for my music post i guess i'll go ahead and get these guys out of the way just because they are so amazing, and i litterally can't wait to tell you all about them. they started in the 80's, but made their splash in the 90's, riding the high waves of the shoegaze genre. well actually they are the ones who perfected the genre and usually when one talks about that genre they are most of the time mentioned. My Bloody Valentine, are to me, one of the most important bands of all time. (this is just my opinion and i'm sure most won't agree with me...)

there are three postings for them. first is their debut lp Isn't Anyhthing followed by the ep You Made Me Realise and last and certainly not least you cabbage people is their masterpiece and one of the most important albums of all time in music history, Loveless, which also happens to be one of my favorite album covers ever.

this is music meant to be played at VERY LOUD LEVELS!!! make sure you have a decent pair of headphones and sit back, or preferably, lay back and take in the sonic waves of pure eargasm delight. i actually had the good fortune to see these guys when they reunited and played a few more shows in America this past April. i went to the last date in Dallas TexASS and i was blown away by their powerful noise. yes, noise is the right word because they play noise. noise that can creat landscapes and set you free from all the crap on this planet. if you are interested, check out this link to a video of them playing the song You Made Me Realise. when i watched them play this song, i chose not to wear the earplugs that were given to me. i instead stood there and felt like i was riding a rocket ship to the moon and back. you can't imagine the sheer terror and beauty of this music unless you see it live. see and listen for yourself.




well there ya go. tune in, listen, and tune out everything else.

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