Monday, August 24, 2009

Another day, another vendetta...

the court thing went alright i guess. actually nothing happened. i just went and got a date for a hearing. i'm tryin' to push back the ticket payment until i can get some money. let's hope i can get a job.

speaking of jobs, i found a really nice one today and i hope i can get it. i had to apply online (most places do that now...) and tomarrow i'm going to go to the location and speak with the manager. i'll try my best to give him the Schuyler Deal 100 million dollar smile and attitude!!! lol

it's been a long and hot day. i'm just glad to be in good health. well, i need to drop a few thousand pounds, but other than that everything is fine with me. i'm still thinking about all the fun i had yesterday. the water park was great!!!

okay, well for the music post. i'm thinking of something a little different. i don't want to just post emo bands and such, so i'm gonna change it up a little bit and let you all check out these guys. Third Eye Blind. they just released a new album called Ursa Major, but that is not the one i want to post. instead i'm posting their self titled debut album. this is the one that blasted them into the stratosphere and made them lots of money. there were so many singles off this one album that when it came out you couldn't cahnge a radio station without hearing at least one of them. my personal faves are "how's it goin' to be" and "motorcycle drive by". After a really bad breakup i found myself jammin' this album a ton. those two songs really meant a lot during those hard times, and i'm sure i'm not the only who feels the same way when it comes to the personal drama and reflection that these two songs speak of. don't believe me??? well try it out for yourself and listen to the world fall apart in your ears. (the singer really had a hard time...)

I can feel this narcolepsy slide into another nightmare...

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