Friday, December 31, 2010

Let old aquaintance be forgot...

this is the last post for 2010. it's been a very strange and rough year for me. for your sake, i'm not going to spend this time telling you about my problems for once. everybody has problems, so i'm nothing special. anyway, like i said, it's been a strange year. hopefully i will make 2011 a better one. i need more focus and understanding in my life. i can't see clearly right now...

wait, please don't think that all was terrible. there were still some amazing moments i had and christmas this year happened to be one of them. i'm still happy that my family all got together and managed to not kill each other.

me and my little cousins from houston. i'm sooooo glad they came to visit!!!

oh, and just for fun, here's some top ten lists that have no purpose other than to fill out space. first off is a top ten list of music that made the year better.

10. toro y moi - causers of this
9. phoenix - wolfgang amadeus phoenix
8. weezer - pinkerton
7. j dilla - doughnuts
6. flying lotus - cosmogramma
5. yeasayer - odd blood
4. best coast - crazy for you
3. boys life - departures and landfalls
2. the jazz june - the medicine
1. deftones - diamond eyes

next is a top ten list of movies. (i love these!!!)

10. how to train your dragon
9. despicable me
8. black swan
7. 127 hours
6. true grit
5. the social network
4. scott pilgrim vs the world
3. toy story 3
2. harry potter and the deathly hallows
1. inception

and lastly, here is a random list of things that happened in 2010. these either annoyed me, or i loved them. (you'll have to guess which one!!!) regardless, it was a LONG year...

- having a seizure from medication...
- going to concerts
- watching inception for the first time and realizing that movies can still be good
- hearing a new deftones album
- going to ada and being told i could have potential thyroid problems...
- being in the christmas play and loving every minute of it
- almost being fired from work for making a jab at obama...
- getting a job that pays well
- keeping my blog alive
- powwow dancing
- falls creek
- new clothes
- the jersey shore...
- christmas get togethers
- seeing my cousins from houston
- writing
- getting some little music reviews published on
- sushi
- ex girlfriend dreams...
- car trouble...
- sickness...
- sleepiness...
- dreams of moving

the year will be over in a several hours, so i'm gonna leave this with you. thanks everyone for reading this blog of mine and for showing interest in whatever it is i write. just the fact that some people might be taking the time to read my writing makes it all worth it. over the course of the next few weeks i will hopefully be moving out of my dad's and into my own place. wish me luck on that!!! so, have a great new years and stay safe tonight. don't let the cops sniff you and keep away from huffing, or whatever the kids are doing these days...


WAIT!!! what about the music yo??? right right... okay, so here's Daft Punk ya goons!!!

i just figured that daft punk would fit in with the new years celebrations. right, so daft punk is a electronica house duo from paris, france that formed back in 1993. they are held up in high regards and are considered the pioneers in the french house genre. they have received critical acclaim all over the world for their catchy singles and amazing live shows.

in 2006 daft punk headlined the dance tent at coachella and instantly became one the best live acts in the world. seriously, their live shows became an instant success and thrilled many people across the globe. just recently the duo has completed the Tron Legacy soundtrack to the film of the same name. it's a mostly instrumental affair, but fans love it nonetheless.

daft punk always make me happy and take me back to a time when i was young and music became a forefront to adventurous new horizons. (late night mxtxvx and such were my outlets...) yep yep yep, so here is some music to make you dance and enjoy yourself. don't waste it!!!

first place in their disco the amazing debut album, Homework. next is my personal favorite which is the album, Discovery. after that is their third album, Human After All, and then their Alive 2007 album. lastly is the newly released soundtrack album, Tron Legacy. get in on the fun and dig it...

happy new year...

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