Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fundle Bundle...

something strange is in the air around here. people are at their worst it seems. it's quite scary to see, and i'm beginning to loose some hope, but that really shouldn't be happening. i know things will turn out for the better, it's just that we are hard pressed right now. through the thickness of everyday struggle we grow stronger, and i know this for a fact. as a christian, it's our entire life's work to conquer through struggle, and this isn't any different.

for these mad times we need some mad music. how about something a bit political, and with an awesome name to boot??? here is, This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb.

here's a funny story, but over the years this band has been together, people who have had their stickers placed on real bicycles have been reported by the cops for possible terrorist threats. it's funny, but also shows how serious these troubling times are. this bike is a pipe bomb, formed in 1997 in pensacola, florida as a nu-wave band at first, but then proceeded to become country influenced mixed with punk. they are now know as one of the forerunners in the folk-punk movement (Against Me!, Ghost Mice, Defiance, Ohio) and stand at the top when it comes to live performances and touring.

try this music out for yourself and discover something new!!! okay, so we first have the record, Dance Party With..., followed by, Front Seat Solidarity. after that we move onto the album, Three Way Tie For Fifth ,and then last we have, Convertible. be sure to give these a quick listen and get to folkin'!!!

rumpus room...


  1. Hey, diggin' the blog! Just wanted to let you know that they are from Pensacola, not "pensaclo" as you typed but maybe it was just a typo. In any case, TBIAPB rules.

  2. wow, thanks for the correction!!! much appreciated!!!