Tuesday, February 2, 2010

You Don't Know...

money is tight, but man o' man i seriously want to go to coachella this year. SERIOUSLY!!! look at this amazing lineup!!!

there are so many bands i want to see on this thing. i'm gushing over this and i just have to make a list of who i want to see right here!!! Sunny Day Real Estate, Thom Yorke, Sly and The Family Stone!!!, Beach House, Devo, Echo & The Bunnymen, De La Soul, Pavement, Spoon, Gorillaz, The XX, Infected Mushroom, LCD Soundsystem, Gary Numan, Faith No More, Matt & Kim, Yo La Tengo, The Specials, Lucero, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Hot Chip, Grizzly Bear, RX Bandits, Portugal The Man, Mew, Frank Turner, Porcupine Tree, Deer Hunter, Les Claypool, The Raveonetts, and the band i want to focus on today, Public Image Ltd.

this is the band that johhny rotten formed after The Sex Pistols, called it quits. this band started in 1978, and was fronted by lyndon and over the years has had a revolving cast of characters, but the initial lineup consisted of lyndon on vocals, keith levene on guitar and jah wobble on bass. they reunited in 2009, with later members, lu edmonds, bruce smith and multi-instrumentalist scott firth filling in the parts, and not much was heard of for a while until the coachella 2010 listing was finally put up on the nets. needless to say, i was ecstatic!!! public image limited were considered the "first" post-punk band ever. the guitar stylings of levene ushered in the post-punk/nu-wave sound that dominated the 80's and was copied by other guitarists like the edge from U2 and such. but regardless, those who know are aware of how much influence this band had. personally, i think they were better than the sex pistols, but the mainstream probably wouldn't agree. eh, whatever...

i have here the first three studio albums the band made, minus the live record they did in between albums two and three, plus all the latter work. the first one here is the self titled album, or better known as, First Issue. second we have the amazing, Metal Box album, (they originally released it in tin film canisters) latter reissued in a double lp as, Second Edition. this is a very experimental album, and is listed in my always favorite, Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Albums Ever Made issue, which i will say, is the only issue i like from that rag. oh, and this is also considered one of the first post-rock albums ever made as well. and in third is the even more experimental album, Flowers Of Romance. i like the cover for this album. random photos are always cool to me. so anyway, if any of you have the good fortune to go to coachella this year, give these legends a listen and sing along to some of their songs in order to make yourself look cool.




little scamps...

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