Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mirror's Image...

i look into it and see myself looking much worse. i seem to have aged slightly... ever since last thursday's attack, i can't sleep well or even relax. i got some more medicine to help me sleep, but i really do hate taking that stuff. i just wish i could take it easy and shut down for bed like most normal people do. i won't post anything tomorrow, so this is it until monday or so. oh, and the movie, Shutter Island, is great. GO SEE IT!!!

to try and help myself sleep easy, i want to listen to the Cocteau Twins.

i know i listed this as nu-wave and post-punk, but that seems to be a right place to put them. but, over all, this is extremely haunting dream-pop/shoegaze music. the band formed in 1979 in scotland, and called it quits back in 1997. they were known for their lush instrumentation as well as lead singer, elizabeth fraser's unique vocal approach. she mostly sang non-lyrical vocals and when actual words were used you couldn't make them out most of the time. a sort of, glossolalia/mouth-music style. very awesome and well fitting with the atmospheric music that members, robin guthrie and simon raymond made together. this band is inspirational to many artist all over, including the Deftones lead singer chino moreno who has stated fraser as one of his favorite singers.

the band made several albums over the years, releasing most of them on the 4AD label and thus, getting a lot of attention in the process. after they broke up, members went on their separate ways, but some still continue to make music. robin guthrie made the fantastic soundtrack to the indie film, Mysterious Skin, of which i will one day post on. but, for today, i only have two albums by the band. these two are my personal faves and one's not to miss. first is the album, Treasure, then next we have the album, Blue Bell Knoll. to describe these essential albums would be very hard for me to do, but alas, all i will say is trust me on this. the music contained here is totally worth your time and something that needs another look from the public. enjoy!!!


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