Monday, February 22, 2010

The war on schuylerism...

last night team u.s.a. beat canada five to three in hockey. it was an awesome game to watch and one to remember. it seems it was the game of the century for many people. canada claims to be the ones who invented hockey, so they have really high standards when it comes to the sport. the must win EVERY game they play and last night was no joke. they played it rough!!! too bad for them though, because they gave it their all and tried to get the puck in many MANY times. if it wasn't for the excellent defense of goalie, ryan miller, we could have lost that game quickly. this is sweet news and makes me excited for their possible, olympic medal winnings.

how about some punk rock??? here is the classic punk group, NOFX.

this band really needs no introduction because they've been around since, like, FOREVER, but in case you didn't know, here we go. the band formed in 1983 and claims los angeles, california as their home base. they originally started as a melodic hardcore band before adopting the pop-punk aspect later on, as well as ska-punk. the band consists of original members, fat mike (lead singer/bassist), erik sandin (drummer), eric melvin (guitarist/singer) and el hefe (guitarist/singer). fat mike is the owner of punk label, Fat Wreck Chords, which alongside label, Epitaph, dominated the punk rock underground and mainstream during the 90's. you couldn't go anywhere without hearing some band or two from both labels. it's not so much like that in today's time, but if you happen to glance or the org summit, then you will find like-minded orgsters with a love for this style of music.

not ones to be pushed around, nofx have made a reputation for themselves by being outspoken, extremely rude, hilarious, and awesome all at the same time. at one point, i became very tired of their antics and music, and took a break from them. like most of their fans, there comes a time when we need to grow up and move on. the band hasn't done that yet and i applaud them for it. so, if you are interested in some snotty, bratty, completely dumb, but awesome punk music, then look no further than nofx to fill your cup.

this list of music is not an entire collection like i usually post. instead it's just the essentials that make up my collection. you will find here, five albums and an ep. sorry to those looking for all the other stuff. the internet is useful for a lot of things!!! okay, so first up is the lp titled, White Trash, Two Heebs and A Bean. next we have the lp titled, Punk In Drublic. this is probably their most popular album to date and a great place to start. next lp in line is called, Heavy Petting Zoo, which is then followed by the lp, So Long, and Thanks For All The Shoes. following that we have the ep called, The Decline. this is an awesome experiment in punk music because the ep is just one 15 minute song. it's a fan favorite and often asked to be played live. the first time i got to see the band they played it. it was during a rain storm at the warped tour. very cool. aaaaaaannnnnnnddddd last but not least is the lp called, Pump Up the Valuum. (the name is misspelled on purpose so the band could avoid a lawsuit. he he) so that's it now, enjoy!!!


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