Saturday, February 6, 2010

Some History...

okay, so this is a tiny post, but i found these through the org summit boards, and it's something really awesome and extremely hard to find. here are The Replacements playing on snl.

these clips are always taken down by the suits, but right here you can view them. this is popular footage because the band was totally drunk, and banned for life from snl after this.

here is the band performing the song, "bastards of young" from the album, Tim.

take note, that the band members changed each into each others clothes for the second song, "kiss me on the bus"

here is an article taken from the av club website, talking about that nights performance.

"In the years following the Fear debacle, SNL hosted plenty of classic rockers and acts from the MTV-sponsored "new British Invasion," but aside from one energized but not exactly dangerous performance by The Clash (circa Combat Rock), there show didn't even hint that the most influential bands of the new generation were plying their trade somewhere outside the studio doors. Then, in the middle of one of Saturday Night Live's bleakest seasons, critics' darlings The Replacements were invited on, in conjunction with their major-label debut, Tim. The band roared through a take-no-prisoners version of "Bastards Of Young" in the first segment, and then, after everybody in the band had changed into each others' clothes, returned for a passionate rendition of "Kiss Me On The Bus," the highlight of which came when Bob Stinson strummed his guitar exactly when he was supposed to. Why was that such a big deal? Because during both songs, the band members were mouthing profanities into the camera, stumbling into each other, falling down, dropping their instruments, and generally behaving like the apathetic drunks they were. The fact that they still hit all the notes was miraculous, and, to quote a later Replacements song, sadly beautiful."

ha ha, the replacements are so punk rock!!!

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