Thursday, February 25, 2010

Low Level Owl...

last night, after church, i ventured down to norman, oklahoma to the Opolis. the opolis is an independent music club that used to be home to guestroom records before they moved to a new location on main street. the show was for the band, The Appleseed Cast. it was a special tour where they played both Low Level Owl records back-to-back. it started around 9:30 or so and didn't end until about 12:30 am. it was an awesome experience to witness. they had a projector showing ambient images in the background and during the whole performance i couldn't help but think about the post-rock band, Godspeed! You Black Emperor. the two volume low level owl records are great ventures into post-rock landscapes and last night showcased just that. my only complaint is i wish my shoes were more comfortable...

okay, so today i feel a little better and more upbeat, so here is s
ome great punk rock from chicago. i give you, The Lawrence Arms.

chicago must have something in the water up there, and this has been said time and time again, (the pun as well..) but man, that city has some really REALLY great artists in music. the lawrence arms have been together since 1999 and are one of the best punk bands ever. there's no doubt in me saying that. the lawrence arms
are one of the best punk bands EVER. so, you probably have noticed the emo tags i gave the band at the bottom. i can safely say that there is a certain emo "vibe" i get when i listen to the band. they do it with the vocal harmonies and subject matter on which their music is based. maybe its because i get a sort of Jawbreaker, feeling or something. regardless, it's great, personal stuff and something i can connect with.

here's a little history for ya. this band is linked to
a great chain of other bands in the fact that they are connected through various members. not going into detail on who those members are, i just want to list some of the bands instead. Slapstick, Tuesday, The Alkaline Trio, The Falcon, The Broadways, Baxter, and Tricky Dick. eventually, i might get around to posting on those bands, but for now enjoy the lawrence arms!!!

this here, is their entire discography. their early ep's are also here, but collected in one album. first is the debut lp titled, A Guided Tour of Chicago, quic
kly followed by, Ghost Stories. next we have my personal favorite album by the band, Apathy and Exhaustion. this is a good place to start if you are a new jack. after that is the album, The Greatest Story Ever Told, followed by the b-sides (ep's as well!!!) compilation album, Cocktails and Dreams. next, we come to their last official full length album titled, Oh! Calcutta. this is then followed by their latest, and very awesome ep, Buttsweat and Tears. so, with that here is the lawrence arms. go see them live if they happen to stop near you, and bring a positive vibe as well. if not, then the band will make you happy. good times!!!

Leveling, graveling, gravelly groans
Exude my exhaustion, Canonize all my tomes.
this home is afloat on a yellow black moat
of bile, hate and guile and vile pains in my throat.
let's drown in the basement, it's filled to the brim.
let's jack up the prices while the pickings are slim.

Do you like my party tricks?

you all washed through me like debris in a stream,
you cut me to ribbons and left me to bleed.
melting alone, showing off white bone,
you can ring that bell or you can huck in that stone.
on the phone is the voice i've been dying to hear.
there's nothing for you, better luck next year.
when everything was suddenly, utterly clear.
to shut off these shut outs, i'll cut off this ear.

can you hear this night?
it's starry, starry.
can you see me mouth out sorry, charlie?

there's no good taste in this art space.
straight porno and snuff films, i should be disgraced,
but i'm titillated. it's tantalizing,
and as i move to the movement, i'm self-aggrandizing.
i'm filling with air, i'll float it up there.
a chairman sitting easy on a big easy chair.

Do you like my party tricks?
I trick out clicking sticks to get my kick

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