Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Nice weather for ducks...

this is a late night post. i'm gonna go to bed (hopefully) after i'm done here. my dad wants me to get off the computer and i don't want to make him mad... ugh, i hate living here. i want to be on my own again...

i was thinking about this electronic duo all day, so that's who i'm posting on here. the group is called, Lemon Jelly.

the duo started in 1998 and are currently on hiatus, but that shouldn't stop you from listening. you never know when these guys might start back up again!!! they hail from london and make great electronica music with pop flavor and rock styles all mixed in. there is also some brief moments of trip-hop/ambient/dream-pop/and indie all pulled together here-and-there. this is special music i just somehow discovered one normal day and i have been a huge fan ever since.

they made three ep's, which were all collected together to form their first lp titled, Lemon Jelly.KY. after that they made their official debut titled, Lost Horizons and after that their last album to date, '64 -'95. try these out and enjoy!!!




good night again...

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