Friday, February 5, 2010

It's Friday...

"It's Friday; you ain't got no job... and you ain't got s*** to do." - smokey

i love the movie, Friday and that quote is quite true. it's friday, i of course have no job, and i ain't got, uh, crap to do. wwwwwwwaaaaaiiiiiiiittttttt!!! i do have something to do tonight!!! i'm going to the conservatory to see the awesome local band, Red City Radio. they are an up and coming band that is making a lot of noise in the underground with their honest punk rock jams and strong orgcore influenced beard/gruff/beer music. okay, so they are not the artists i want to focus on for this post though. instead i want to take it a bit slower and talk about one man who exploded into the mainstream this past 2009, even though he's been around for several years. one of the leading men in the neo-soul movement, here's Maxwell.

some of you might think i've gone crazy posting this guy on here, well if you think that then you don't know me very well. (and that's completely ok!!!) here's how it is; i grew up hearing old school soul and r&b music from my mom. she would listen to artists like, Al Green and Marvin Gaye all the time and it had an influence on me quite a bit. i can appreciate good, meaningful music like this without compromising my roots in the underground scene and all that stuff. you see, i like anything that connects with me, and the music this man makes is something i can connect with. it's funky, groovy and honest.

maxwell, started his musical career in the early 90's, working with some great musicians to help make his debut record, Urban Hang Suite. his record label had doubts in the album, and shelved it until 1996. it was released to critical acclaim and garnered the man a grammy nomination. it was the song, "ascension (don't ever wonder)" from this album that made me a fan. i remember getting the cassette single and giving it to my mom for her to listen to. i was wanting to know if she thought it was as good as her old stuff. she liked it, but i don't think she caught on to him again until he released his third album, which is called, Now. so anyway, ever since then i have always mentioned him when it comes to r&b music. if somebody asked me who my favorite soul singer is, i would mention maxwell, and then i'd usually go on this tirade about how seriously UNDERATED this man is. it always puzzled me on how soooooooooo many people seemed to skip his music. well, with the release of his latest work, BLACKsummer'snight, the man has finally reached the mainstream masses, and he even won two grammys for best r&b vocal performance, and best r&b album. the man deserves it, and i'm glad he's getting more attention to his music. i just hope that now, he won't be compromised...

here we go with the music to check out!!! first is the debut album, Urban Hang Suite, then his second album, Embrya. in third is Now, and finally in fourth is his newest album that fans had been waiting seven years for, BLACKsummer'snight. it's hard for me to pick a favorite album because everything this guy has done is amazing, but if i had to pick i would probably say his debut simply because of the nostalgia. so with that, please please PLEASE give these a listen and support this man's music. he truly is an amazing talent.

It happened the moment, when you were revealed
'Cause you were a dream that you should not have been
A fantasy real
You gave me this beating baby
This rhythm inside
And you made me feel good and feel nice and feel loved
Give me paradise

So shouldn't I realize
You're the highest of the high
If you don't know, then I'll say it
So don't ever wonder

So tell me how long
How long it's gonna take until you speak, babe
'Cause I can't live my life
Without you here by my side

You gave me the feelin', feelin' in my life

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