Wednesday, February 3, 2010


crap man, i'm sick again. to top it off, last nights final season premier for Lost, made me even more confused than ever, and once the show was over the cough medicine kicked in, and i fell asleep only to wake up around four a.m. with crazy thoughts about john locke being a secret vampire!!! ugh... i'm getting some chinese for dinner now.

let's make this a quick one, okay??? i love the band, Metric. love them so much!!!

these canadians have been making sweet synth pop since 1998, and are a part of that whole, Broken Social Scene artist collective. led by the really pretty emily haines on lead vocals and synth, the rest of band consists of guitarist james shaw, bassist josh winstead and drummer joules scott-key. i got into this band around the time of their third album, which is my personal favorite. it struck me as really great indie/pop music with personal lyrics that are sometimes skeptical, but also quirky and mysterious. i totally dig them, and i hope you will too!!!

okay, so we have all of their full lengths here today starting with the fan favorite, Grow Up and Blow Away, then their second album called, Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?. in third is my favorite release, the awesome album called, Live It Out and in last place is their latest release, Fantasies. check these out and dance a little if you can.

here's my favorite song from the Live It Out, album.

Metric - Empty (HD) from graeme mathieson on Vimeo.

gotta get better...

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