Thursday, February 4, 2010

Do The Dog...

it's thursday and i'm sick. my head is stuffy and my nose runny. ugh, i even missed church again last night, so i'm not in the best of moods. well, i'm alright actually, but it just seems that my energy is zapped right now, so things aren't all too good. things like eating, sleeping and typing this post. i'm doing this though, because it's honestly one of the few things i look forward to each day.

last night i did a crazy all nighter of playing Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. usually when i play my games, i tend to turn the volume down low on the television, and then plug my ipod into my computer speakers to listen to instead. while doing this last night, i listened to one of the best ska bands to ever grace our planet. they have reunited and are going to be playing at Coachella 2010 this year. i want to go real bad in order to see them amongst all the other awesome artists. so, now it's time to get your pork pie hats, polish those black loafers, strap those suspenders over your mod style outfit and get ready to "pick it up" because here are The Specials.

the specials formed in 1997 and were a huge part of the classic, two-tone ska label and punk movement in england. they were known for their energetic live shows with punk influenced music, mixed with reggae, ska, and post-punk/nu-wave all rolled into one. their fellow peers included other classic ska acts like, The English Beat, The Selector, Madness, and The Clash. the band released two full lengths with the classic lineup before members started dropping off from playing. the band broke up in 1984, but in some form or another, the specials kept on playing around the world, releasing more albums and keeping the kids skankin'.

in 2008, word got out of an official reunion for the bands original lineup minus jerry dammers who was the main song writer and keyboardist. feelings aside, the band played a few shows and rocked out at some overseas major festivals and the spirit and fun from the old days still seemed to be there. if i get a chance to go, seeing the specials at coachella will be amazing!!!

ssssssooooooooo, minus all the later albums, we have here the first lp, which is self titled, then the "Ghost Town" single, the finally the second lp, More Specials. that first album is a classic, and quite frankly, i haven't heard anything more awesome than that in ska in forever. it still sounds fresh and new everytime i play it. look for the songs, "a message to you rudie" "little bitch" "do the dog" and "it's up to you" for my faves. now, it's time for some skankin'!!!

the specials - ghost town from alexei glowakz on Vimeo.

here's a message to you...

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