Thursday, May 27, 2010

Oklahoma In Flames...

i think i have the worst schedule in existence. i seem to sleep in way too long and stay up way to late. it's like i'm an owl or a cat. i do my normal stuff at night and i sleep almost all day just like those two animals. it's really become a bothersome habit that i need to break. i guess if i had a job i would be more inclined to stop this nonsense and get myself back on track. ugh... i feel like i'm loosing time to be more alive than what i currently am right now.

yeah, so today is thursday and i'm thinking that this might be my last post for at least a day or two depending on my current whereabouts this weekend. i plan on being here saturday to see the Deftones, so i'll probably post then, but for now let's wrap up this week of Converge, tribute by way of fellow touring bands with a group of nice fellows who go by non other than, uh, well Thursday. heh heh go figure...

here is a band i've briefly mentioned before in the Envy thread, but now it's officially their time. thursday is a band that i have a strong connection to for various reasons, but mostly for the fact that they represent my desire to change my outlook on life and also my desire to listen to better music than Slipknot, Mudvayne and Korn. yes, me and this band go all the way back to my dreadful high school years in oklahoma. besides having an extremely crappy home life with my divorced parents, i also suffered from lots of boredom and the ridicule of my fellow peers at west moore high school. it's no wonder i dropped out of baseball and spent most of my time in the smokers parking lot getting high and jamming music constantly.

let's see, well for the facts, thursday hail from new brunswick, new jersey and started back in 1997. they have been through the ups and downs of the music world and have almost broken up several times. thankfully they are still together and making great music which is where they mean business. i have only seen the band one time and that was at warped tour back in 2006. (i wish is saw them back in 2003 when they opened for the deftones...) still, it was a wonderful performance and something to hold my appetite until i can see them on their own headlining slot. their stage presence and manner of which they play live is aw inspiring. they also connect to their fans on a much more personal and deeper level than most bands do. there is an intimate quality that comes from their music that many people find solace and comfort with. it's almost like the band has read your mind and knows exactly how you feel. it takes a lot of guts to be able to do something like that, and thursday happen to have those guts!!!

going back to my high school drama, i first discovered this band in 2002 on MxTxVx back when they sort of played music videos. it was for the song above which is called, "cross out the eyes." it was a very radical (in my opinion...) departure from the almost comical nu-metal scene i was wrapped up in at the time. these guys looked like normal dudes playing music that seemed intense and yet more free from overproduction and saturation of which all those nu-metal bands were drowning in. i was immediately drawn in and became curious as to what this all was. there was actual singing and also screaming, but the screaming seemed more desperate and not so much tough guy. it was very very different, and yet i had no idea about any of this style or genre. i was about to get a very huge awakening.

it was also about this time when i discovered At-The Drive In, and if you want the full story on that i suggest you go read that mega post as well. but like i mentioned there, i suddenly found myself surrounded by a style of music i had no freekin' idea existed. yeah, i knew about punk rock, but not hardcore!!! i heard bands scream, but not painfully from their throats and with real meaning!!! i was awakened from my dreaded hibernation of baggy pants and greasy hair. i cut off all styles and rearranged my wardrobe. baggy pants became skinny pants, and my long hair became short and untidy. and finally, my music became less drop tuned chugga chugga and more mathy/post-hardcore indie style. my friends took notice and thought i was going soft. "dude, this s*** sounds like pop music!!!" heh heh, yeah he was right. but whatevers!!! i took it all in and loved every minute of it!!!

and now i'm 25 and no longer 17. times have changed and this type of music has evolved into an almost unrecognizable demon of it's former self. it's sort of sad really. sad to see something that helped free you from a personal hell turn into a blob of gastric crap that was vomited out by the people who made it big in the first place. i just hope i'm not guilty of making that happen. if so, i apologize sincerely. i just hope i'm doing this band and the music they made justice by telling you all this personal story. music is a very important thing and we need to treat it with respect and not bastardize it...

so today you will find the bands entire discography. i know at times i seem to either post an entire catalog, or just a few albums at a time. for the most part i try my best to do the artists justice and get everything under the sun on here, but if it's too freekin' big ala Bad Religion, then i'm only going to post my personal faves. but for the band thursday, it's not a problem to post it all!!! so, skipping their 1999 summer tour ep, we come to their debut called, Waiting. this is the band at their youngest and it's possibly their most 90's style emo sounding effort to date. it's very sporadic and it details a young band trying to find their place in music. still, it's a great little album and one to not miss simply because it's beautiful. in second is the album that got me into the band as well as many MANY other people. it's called, Full Collapse, and it takes me back to the summer of 2002. i got this album when i was at summer school and i listened to it just about every day. the entire album is fantastic and there isn't a song to skip on it. (in my opinion!!!) this is where you might go head first if interested in the band. so, after that we have the Five Stories Falling, ep which contains possibly their best song ever written called, "five stories falling." it's an anthem and often played live. it gets a huge crowd response every time. after that we come to their third full length called, War All the Time. i personally believe this to be their crowning achievement as a band. no, it's not my favorite, but i do recognize it's very important placement in their history. it's their first major label release, and also their heaviest. the subject matter at hand is also more deeply involved with the politics at the time and it was a tough road for the band as well. the pressure to be the next big thing was in their face and with this type of music, you can't really be like Nirvana. heck, nirvana didn't want to be nirvana!!! yeah, so after that they took some time off then released the album, A City By the Light Divided. this was a good album too, but a lot of people began to fall off and their shows become less crowded. the following year was the release of the compilation album, Kill the House Lights, and then another year passed before they released their split with the japanese post-rock/screamo band, Envy. this little split saw the band taking on more epic song structures and proportions. this all developed more and was finally seen on their latest full length, Common Existence, which is the last thing to post on here. thursday is still around, but have gone back to the drawing board and are rallying behind more smaller and intimate shows, thus them touring with converge this year. if you are anywhere near this band, do me a huge favor and go see them. even if you have to pay for a show with them as the opener, go see them. it will totally be worth your time and money. music doesn't get this good often...

Write these words back down inside
We have burned their villages and all the people in them died
We adopt their customs and everything they say we steal
All the dreams they had we kill
Still we all sleep sound tonight
Is this what you wanted to hear?
We erased all their images and dance
And replaced them with borders and flags

At the top of this time line you'll remember
This is the lipstick on the collar
And in my own life I've seen it in the mirror
sometimes at the cost of others hopes

So write these words back down inside
That's where you need it the most
and without conviction of heart you will never feel it at all
Yeah, we all dance to the same beat when we we're marching
Yeah, the TV tells us everything we need to know
And this scene is painting in all the fashions of the moment
And history is all the same

Everything you say you stole
Every dream you dream you bought

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