Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Yuppie Scum...

in other news, something great is happening. tomorrow at 10:30 am, i have an interview!!! i finally landed a possible job interview with a local insurance company. i know i don't have much experience with insurance, but the nice lady who called me said i'm potentially what they are looking for. this is a major boost to my self esteem and something i needed. let's just hope i do good and no choke up when interviewing...

taking it easy today, let's get a little more twang with our music. here is the great band, Wilco.

wilco is another one of those legendary indie rock bands that always gets stated in music geek conversation. (me mostly...) they have seven full lengths (that almost sounds gay...) as well as several ep's and a live album. the group is from chicago, illinois and came from the breakup of the alt-country band Uncle Tupelo in 1994. wilco has had several lineup changes, but it's current incarnation consists of lead singer jeff tweedy and john stirratt being the only original members along with other talented people to fill in the rest.

there is an interesting story to wilco, and that consists their most popular album, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. you see, their major label didn't like the album at all. it wasn't marketable to them, so they gave away the rights to the band and it was shopped around until it landed with label, nonesuch records. a rock critic stated that the album showed, "how screwed up the music business was in the early twenty-first century." it became the bands best selling album to date, and it garnered many positive reviews and praises of "being a masterpiece".

for you all to enjoy, the entire discography is here minus those ep's and live album. we begin this adventure with the debut album, A.M.. oh, and just for you all to know, the farther back you go with this band, the more alt-country they sound. next we have the double album titled, Being There. that is followed by the album, Summerteeth. next we come to Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, which is a definite must have. (it's also indie rock 101...) performing after such and important album as the last has to be a hard thing to take when being a little indie band like wilco. despite the challenges, they took them up with gusto and released the album, A Ghost is Born. this album gave them two grammy awards in 2004. for the last two places we have, Sky Blue Sky and their self titled album released in 2009. so there you have it. wilco is a great band to check out and dig. i sincerely hope you all do... (disc 1) (disc 2)

i am trying to break you heart...

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