Monday, May 3, 2010

Start Today...

this is monday, but tomorrow is tuesday, and it's exciting for me since three new albums by bands that i like drop like it's hot!!! we have new music from the Deftones, Broken Social Scene and The Hold Steady!!! this is insane!!! three new albums by three of my favorite bands on the same day??? oh, and there is also the new album by Minus the Bear, but i'll get to that some other time. sooooooooo, anyway, how's life for all of you out there??? it's been sort of crappy for me, but i guess if you read my last post you'd know about that. if you didn't, well, i'm not going to start telling you now. there's no time...

actually, there is time to mention one more thing and i guess that's the music!!! let's get straight edge and listen to some Gorilla Biscuits.

this is another band i've been meaning to post on for some time. they are one of those, "gateway" bands that have led many people to other punk and hardcore groups in the scene. these guys are LEGENDARY (ha ha barney!!!) in the underground hardcore scene because, first, they were short lived and second, they were straight edge, and third, they made hardcore punk music melodic and poppy. their style wasn't heard of much during their short time and in their home town of new york city, the band stood out amongst all the other hardcore acts like, Agnostic Front, Bad Brains, Cro-Mags and Youth of Today. their only connection to the last band i mentioned is their straight edge belief, which if you didn't know, is the lifestyle choice of "no drugs, no alcohol, no sex". the last statement in that is referring to spreading yourself across town like a whore and sleeping with everything that moves.

the band started in 1987 and broke up in 1991. they reunited in 1997 and in 2005 for benefit shows at the now historical club, CBGB's. the band is still around and possibly planning a new album. they groups is led by lead singer, anthony "CIV" civarelli, guitarist walter schreifels and alex brown, arthur smillos and luke abbey filling in the other positions. one more thing to mention about these guys, after their initial breakup, members went on to form other bands. civarelli went on to sing for the band named after him called, CIV which also had walter and other members of gorilla biscuits. in the meantime as well, walter started his own band called, Moondog which eventually morphed into the band, Quicksand, who were very awesome and also one of the bands to play on the very first warped tour in 1995. speaking of quicksand, as i mentioned in my deftones album review, former bassist sergio vega has temporarily replaced chi cheng and seems to be doing a great job in that position. for how long will he be there, i'm not sure, but it's a good fit nonetheless.

so, for the music we have two things here. first is the self titled ep, which contains their first recordings and then second is the very popular album, Start Today. this is punk rock 101 right here. the first album to be released on cd by revelation records, start today is one of the best hardcore albums ever made. its short, fast, and catchy like a glue trap for mice. get into it!!!

new direction...

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  1. Yo man I just went through your whole blog and got so much great shit. I LOVE the "twinkly" genre... what a good name for it. Keep up the great posting!