Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day...

my my my, what a weekend i had!!! first off, sorry for the big break between posts. i was gone all weekend and didn't have access to the internetz or computerz for the whole time. (i didn't suffer as bad as i thought i would...) oh, and i didn't get to see the Deftones like i wanted. (the show sold out a week before i was to get my ticket anyway...) so with that, here i am!!! i'm home now and glad to be. i'm refreshed and clean (i hadn't showered since friday...) and ready to start the week off right. over the weekend i worked a ton on my apron doing sequin beading and concentrating like i had a gun to my head in an asian sweatshop!!!

yeah, i wasn't posing for that shot above... anyway, the trip was spent down in lawton, oklahoma. we got the trailer out and dad stowed his harley in it and i got to sleep in the back bunk bed. it was nice and made the hot outdoor weather bearable because we actually had a decent air conditioner in that thing. one of the best parts of the weekend was out second trip to the top of mt. scott. we wanted to see the sunset that saturday night and once we were up there, the size of yourself compared to the earth is a trip. i could see the valleys and fields below, as well as the free range buffalo grounds and all the rivers and lakes of the area. it was nice to be up there, staring off into the distance with thoughts going through your head. a person with an open mind can get inspiration from such a site.

i got the best cell phone signal EVER!!!

quit staring at my sexy legs!!!

after we were ushered off the mountain by the park security, we headed to lawton to eat dinner. funny, but this was my first time going to that town despite all the times i could have when i was younger. honestly, i'm not missing much. the town reminded me of the wild west, or the last place of civilization before the empty landscape beyond. it's actually a military town filled with many bars and strip joints. any hard workin' woman could probably find a job there if really needed... (heh heh) yeah, so our dinner that night was pizza and what a good couple of slices i had!!! it was just the right thing to end the night.

just for you all to know, i wore that same outfit all weekend...

i ordered the boneless buffalo chicken and i got baby cow brains instead...

oh, and judging by the above pic, i bet i look like a douche with my dumb cellphone clinging next to my huge head. just to clear the air, i was trying to contact my mother all day to see how things were going with her back home. all is well and exciting because this coming saturday is my little brothers b-day, so i have that to look forward too!!!

overall, what an excellent weekend for me and my family. we spent a good amount of time together away from home, which is always nice, and relaxed our aching backs and shoulders. our next possible trip is probably going to be during the fourth of july, so until then i have the fond memories of this to tie me over. (this really was a surprisingly good time. it's a rarity when stuff like that happens...)

since i'm in such a sunny mood, i want to post some upbeat music that always works well during the summer. let's listen to some ska-punk from the band, Bomb the Music Industry!

bomb the music industry! is a ska/ska-punk/hardcore/punk band led by frontman jeff rosenstock who used to play in the ska band, The Arrogant Sons of Bitches. this is a total DIY band in the finest fashion. there is so much to like about these guys!!! first off, they give away all their music for free!!! second, they only play all ages shows that are 10 dollars or less!!! and third, they don't conform to just one style!!! the music they make not only showcases ska and ska-punk, but also dc style hardcore and punk, electronic/synth flourishes, and 8-bit nintendo noises. it's a lot of things to consider, but somehow it all works very nicely. i got to see these guys back in 2008 on the asian man records tour with Lemuria, Andrew Jackson Jihad and The Queers. these people stood out the most because they were very friendly and open to the crowd. they connected with the audience and the intimacy of the show, as well as the moshing and skanking, was remembered well by me.

for the first time ever, it's okay to post music by an artist on here. yeah yeah yeah, i know i bend the rules by posting music and such, but i truly mean no harm to the bands i mention on here. it's just a way for people to take notice on artists, i believe, are worth much attention. okay, so now on to the music!!! in first place is their debut album called, uh, Album Minus Band. this was recorded by jeff alone, and only latter would full a band get involved with the recordings. after that we have their second album called, To Leave or Die in Long Island. for third place we have, Goodbye Cool World and then my personal favorite album by the band, Get Warmer. this is your best place to start, but it really doesn't matter though, because everything these guys have done is awesome anyway. it's just that this album contains all my favorite songs from the group, including the little ditty called "i don't love you anymore" posted above. after that we come to my second favorite album from BTMI called, Scrambles. this is also an amazing album and more of a mellow effort. the songs are more personal, (like non of the others weren't???) and jeff really goes all out with his singing here. so, after that we have the album called, Others! Others! Volume 1. this is a collection of demo's, b-sides and outtakes from previous albums. and then, finally, we come to the last album here, which is an ep and their latest effort called, Adults!!!: Smart!!! Shithammered!!! And Excited by Nothing!!!!!!! sadly, i haven't heard this latest release since my own personal computer is dead, but from what others have said, it's freekin' fantastic!!! okay, so right here you got it all minus a few splits, but that's okay for now. get this music with the quickness and jam them all summer for some uplifting fun times!!! dig it...

hug a veteran today...

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