Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Disgusting foray into my own seclusion...

so sorry i missed you all yesterday. i meant to do today's post on tuesday, but for some reason, despite the 11:00 pm sleep time, i didn't wake up until after 4:00pm the next day!!! i had things to do and a dinner to catch, so i gave up on trying to fit in today's super duper, mega transformer post of all things punk. you see, last night i got to catch the Subhumans Uk, on their tour across america and i knew i wouldn't feel up to posting after i got home, so there's that. anyway, it was an awesome and crazy night. (i have a few bruises to show you if interested...) i even got a t-shirt for cheap!!!

so, as you all might guess, today's musical offering is on, of course, the Subhumans Uk.

these dirty old farts are one of the best anarcho/crust-punk bands from the united kingdom that have been around since almost the start of the scene. if you like old school punk bands like, The Damed, G.B.H. and Sham 69 chances are you'll like these boys too!!! they originally formed in 1980 and broke up in 1987, only to reform sporadically over years later until a more solid reformation that started in 2004. associated acts are Culture Shock and ska-punk band, Citizen Fish. oh, and i need to get specific with the "UK" tag since there is also another punk band with the same name from canada. by the way, that band is also awesome!!!

yeah, so like is said, last night was crazy and fun. all the smelly street punks crawled out of their sleeping gutters and the workin' class skinheads clocked out to see these legends play at the conservatory in oklahoma city. it was a good set, with very high intense moments of spastic punk rawness mixed with anarchist political speaking moments. i even got see an old college buddy of mine who was glad to meet someone who wasn't half drunk and looking like the backside of bigfoots ass. (dreadlocks are really REALLY gross to be around...)

i have to hurry up with this post since i still need to finish all that sequin work. a real treat here is that i have (i think...) the entire subhumans uk discography!!! oh, and sorry for the rapidshare nonsense. we first start with four ep's from the group. the ep's are called, Demolition War, Reasons For Existence, Religious Wars and Evolution. these were all latter collected for a full length lp, but for my sake and yours, it's best to separate them for continuity purposes. after that we come to their debut full length titled, The Day the Country Died. this is a classic punk album from those early days and something i HIGHLY recommend. so, after that we have the Time Flies But Areoplanes Crash ep, then the From the Cradle to the Grave lp. this latter full length is also an awesome album to add to your collection. next we have the Rats ep then the full length, World's Apart and then the 29:29 Split Vision lp. for the band, time would pass until something new came out. with that there was the collection called, Unfinished Business, then their addition to the Live In A Dive series. finally we come to their latest album to be made called, Internal Riot. this is an awesome new full length from the subhumans and a return to form. the songs are crazy fast and full of that punk attitude we all care and love about... so there you go. get with the program and destroy the system or buy another starbucks. you know, whatever floats your friggin' boat...

what, you wanna cookie???

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