Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wasted TIme...

well today was a bust for me. i spent many hours in a situation i knew i shouldn't have been, and after all was said and done, nothing good came from it. a complete and utter waste of time on my part. i could have been here continuing my powwow regalia work, but nnnnnoooooooo!!! i had to go and try a cheap/easy way to get money that backfired on me. it just goes to show that i'm as big a fool as anyone else... on top of that, i had a brief argument with my mom, so yeah, i suck right now. the only redeeming thing to happen was discovering a postcard from our local IHS. it stated that they "received my application." what this means, i really don't know beyond those few words, but what i do hope is that this means they will give me the time and chance for a job. i applied at the corporate office almost two weeks ago and until now, haven't heard a peep. this little tidbit is a reminder that good things do happen, but usually when we least expect them. (i got the postcard when i returned home)

oh, i guess i have another thing to mention. the holy grail/summit of video game nerdom is here this week. i'm of course talking about, Efreekin'3!!! yes, E'3, or Electronic Entertainment Expo, is the worldwide video game showcase for the new crop of games and accessories. it's been going on for many years now and it seems to have been taken up a notch. nintendo is taking huge leaps over the competition in regards to hand held technology, what with the stunning, 3DS. yes, the 3DS is the brand new hand hand successor to the nintendo DS and DSi. what makes this the next gen??? well for starters, it's in FREEKIN' 3D!!! yes, those lovable little scamps at nintendo have totally outdone themselves with this one. its a hand held video game system that's in the third dimension and requires no glasses. yep, no glasses!!! no longer will you have to watch your movies and games in a shade that's darker. nope, this time the 3D technology comes at you and registers with each eyeball to transcript the movement. it's some pretty amazing stuff and genius. pure genius!!!

oh, and sony had some cool games (Medal of Honor, Dead Space 2, TWISTED METAL!!!) and microsoft wasn't really that impressive. (sorry M$...) overall, i'm still wiped out and the presents keep on coming. what else will be shown this week i have no idea, but i'll keep an eye out and and ear open. (i let the television play in the background while i work on my stuff)

i'm lucky to get a chance to post today, but i gotta go, so here's the New York Dolls.

these ugly mofo's are one of the original protopunk bands from the late 70's in new york city. 1971 to 1976 to be exact!!! they, along with other bands like, Television, The Ramones, Blondie, Richard Hell and the Voidoids and The Talking Heads, were the influential acts for nu-wave and post-punk in america and around the world. they were also very glam, and an inspiration to the hair metal craze of the 80's. (ugh...) but yeah, new york dolls were the real deal, and despite their image, they rocked out every time and got the word out on how things were done in the big apple. oh, and they were trashy too. very very very trashy...

so anyway, today you are all in for a real treat. this here is the self titled debut album and one of the top 500 greatest albums of all time according to rolling stone. (#213) try this and rock out to some classic, yet bangin' tunes from those trashy trashy trashy boys, the new york dolls!!! oh, and one more thing to mention. these guys are still around and playin', but with only two surviving members. so, yeah, uh... dig it???

don't sell plasma...

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