Monday, June 14, 2010

Up the down escalator...

it's a monday and it's flooding outside. i'm stuck here until i finish all the work on my dance outfit. i'm trying to have it all finished by this friday for red earth. what is red earth you say??? well for you noobs, it used to be the biggest powwow in oklahoma, and for a short while, biggest in america. (yes, it was bigger than gathering of nations...) this all goes back to it's glory days in the middle 90's, of which i have fond memories of. i know this seems cheesy, but i have always wanted to dance at red earth. it just had this atmosphere i love a whole lot for some reason, and many people come out ( or used to...) to see it. over the years it's become stale and not as heavily populated like before, but the music is still good and the dancers are beautiful like always. red earth is just the first start of the summer powwow season here in oklahoma. after this, just about every weekend will have a powwow going on somewheres...

oh, and since i don't really have the time to be posting, this might be my last one for a few days. just a heads up for you faithful readers!!! (all 0 of you... uh, who am i talking to??? really???)

keeping things moving along, here's a great overlooked band from overseas called, The Chameleons Uk.

another one of the more influential post-punk bands from the 80's, the chameleons formed in 1981 in manchester, england and released several albums and ep's before breaking up in 1987. they were under the radar until the past 15 years or so when they reunited for some successful shows in 2000. often compared to their contemporaries like Echo and the Bunny Men, The Cure, Depeche Mode, Joy Divison and Bauhaus, the chameleons were very good at what they did. their lyrics were more personal and not as dark like others, and they often dealt with childlike innocence and a reverence for nostalgia (according to wikipedia...)

through the years and time spent searching for music on my own, i somehow came across these guys and i'm glad that i did. this is great music that must be heard and hopefully they will get even more recognition than they did before.

now for the music i'm only posting one album by the band and that is the full length called, Strange Times. this is their best release and most popular by far. its a long album, but solid and full of that post-punk/nu-wave style i love so dearly. put down those U2 albums and try this out instead!!!

beading needles hurt...

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