Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Glory Days...

today is my father's 53rd birthday. i can remember my dad being in his late 20's. it's crazy to see how much he's changed over the course of my 25 years of existence. i've seen him go from young man to old man in just a matter of seconds, then back again. i love my dad, but our relationship is strained sometimes. i guess that's no big deal with most people, seeing as how a lot of family relationships are wary at some degree. still, me and the old man have done much together. some of the best times were when it was just us two. camping and fishing trips along with awesome powwow weekends are just a few of the many memories i have. i hope he, as well as my mom, will one day get to see me have a family. i think they'd both like that very much...

in honor of my dad's b-day, i'm going to post some music for him. this artist i'm going to write about is someone who's been in my life since birth. heck, one of his most popular albums was released the year i was born!!! (1984...) i grew up listening to his wonderful, soulful tunes and it's nice that he's still around. i am of course talking about the Boss Man himself, Mr. Bruce Springsteen.

the bluesy/americana music of bruce springsteen always reminds me of my dad. perhaps it's because i listened to it all the time in my dad's truck while riding along our oklahoma roads. it always brought a sense of joy and happiness despite terror and heartbreak. i guess that comes form bruce's wonderful ability to craft terrific songs with substance. unlike, say Bob Segar, Tom Waits and Neil Young, (NO OFFENSE!!!) bruce seemed more immediate and would just grab you by the shoulders instantly and throw you into his situation and explain all his woes and doubts to you like a close friend or brother would. it would always paint this picture in my mind of some dingy old bar, one late hot night in the city. cigarette smoke would be carried in the room while cheap beer was drunk. sitting next to you is the saddest person alive and they have many stories to tell you. stories about heartbreak, no job, no money, family problems, war memories, sex and drugs. it's these kinds of stories bruce tells you when listening to his music and with that comes great courage and strength. such personal music by a great artist like bruce has inspired millions today and can be heard from current acts like, The Gaslight Anthem, The Hold Steady, Red City Radio and Hot Water Music among others.

music will live forever and the stories will stay true, but the people will wither and pass on. it's a sad reality, but that's just how things are and will be forever. my dad is halfway close to 100, but will he make it that far??? i don't know how things will turn out, but i do know that these are supposed to be our glory days. don't let them pass you by...

the music posted today are my essentials. these albums are the ones close to my heart and i want all of you to give them each a listen. there is no starting place. just pick whatever and get into it with the quickness!!! in first place is the debut record titled, Greetings From Asbury Park, N.J.. this is his starting point and it demonstrates a wonderful career just getting warmed up. next we have The Wild, the Innocent, & the E Street Shuffle and after that is the masterpiece Born to Run. this album ranks at number 18 in the Rolling Stone Top 500 Greatest Albums of All Time issue and rightfully so. it's such an amazing genius of an album that goes full throttle and doesn't let go till the last note is played. following that we have the album, Darkness on the Edge of Town and then the double album, The River. after this bruce took a break from his backing group, The E Street Band, and made a more personal acoustic effort simply called, Nebraska. next was the release of the album, Born in the U.S.A., which came out in 1984!!! this is the album i connect with the most because it has been here from my birth to this day. every single song on this album is amazing and every note and word spilt from it ring true to it's time. and in last place is the intimate and sensual, Tunnel of Love. please give these and listen and support good music for once. it doesn't get much better than bruce springsteen...









happy b-day dad...

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