Saturday, June 26, 2010

Folded, folded, folded, folded...

since it feels like the surface of the sun here in oklahoma, it's my duty to help keep our poor dog healthy and not cooked medium well. before i go out today i need to get in the back yard and hose him down with water. he can't run away since he's chained up, so i'll get him good!!! BBWWWAAAA HA HA HA HA!!! (the poor little scamp...) as for later on, i believe i'm going to the movies with my mom and brother to see Toy Story 3. i'm looking forward to seeing something good for once. pixar films never disappoint.

let's keep it sunny and fun with some lovable dance pop courtesy of Phoenix.

phoenix is a little indie dance pop band from paris, france that started back in 1999. i first heard them on the soundtrack to sofia coppola's sleepy indie film, Lost in Translation. the band consists of vocalist thomas mars, bassist deck d'arcy, guitarist chris mazzalai and guitarist laurent brancowitz who joined after his old band, Darlin' broke up. two of his former band mates, thomas bangalter and guy-manuel de homem-christo, would go on to form the amazing dance duo, Daft Punk. starting out slow, the band has built up a fierce fan base and with the release of their latest album in 2009, saw them rise to the top and garner critical acclaim and awards.

today you will find their entire discography. we first start with the debut album, United, then follow that with the album, Alphabetical. next we have the live album titled, Live! 30 Days Ago then their third full length, It's Never Been Like That. and finally in last place is their fantastic album, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. this album is a little over 30 minutes and killer straight through. very very nice dance pop that's both fun and sexy. one of 2009's best albums and still great to listen to today. so with that, here's the good stuff and you all need to get with the program. enjoy!!!

watch her move in epileptic patterns...

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