Monday, June 21, 2010

Dance Off...

WOW!!! the weekend flew by so fast i'm still trying to catch up!!! red earth finally happened and it was great. i got to bust my out my fancy dance regalia for the second time, but in reality it felt like the first because so many more people got to see it. the compliments were very nice and i think it stood out well enough for my standards. (i really wanted those sequins to shine!!!) goofy thing is we forgot to bring the camera for all three nights. the photo below is the only proof of me being there. it's got that elusive bigfoot quality to it...

too tall...

next weekend is another good powwow, so it's dance time from here on out!!! oh, and in other news, the international trailer for the Scott Pilgrim movie is out now!!!

i have a falls creek meeting in a little bit, so i gotta cut straight to the music now. all the way from england is our next group called, Opus III.

opus III was a techno/house group composed of lead singer kirsty hawksaw and producers/musicians kevin dobbs, ian munro and nigel walton. they had success on the uk and us singles charts during the 90's and released two albums before splitting up. kirsty is still involved with the music scene today, having worked with artists like Delirium, Silent Poets and DJ Tiësto.

today i'm posting their debut album, Mind Fruit. this is an album with a solid mix of house/ambient/trance/and brief bits of drum n' bass. they even manage to do a King Crimson cover!!! try it out and float along with the ambiance...

keep on dancin'...


  1. I don't know how often you get this, but I really, really, really enjoy your blog! It isn't the typical "I'm going to post shit so you can just download it and call it a night" blog like most others. The insight into your life is cool, and you seem like the kind of dude I'd hang with!

    I'd also like to thank you for all of the music you've exposed others, me, and, subsequently, my friends to! Great, great stuff.

  2. why thank you very much. i really appreciate the nice remark!!!

  3. Well, you really deserve it, bro. Quality like this can't go unnoticed.