Monday, May 17, 2010


it's a sad day in the rock word. Ronnie James Dio, died yesterday from stomach cancer. you all might know him from his song, "holy diver" which became his biggest and most well known hit. he also sang for this little band called, Black Sabbath, when they booted Ozzy Osbourne. and finally, he is also the originator of the devil horns that everybody uses at rock concerts now. so with that, i salute you dio and hope you are rockin' out still. \m/

it's now time to post on an epic band that i had the pleasure of seeing once, back in 2002. right here on a wolf at the door, it's the band known as, Tool.

there are many out there who think that tool are overrated and stale. many bands go undiscovered and those that get left out are totally amazing and more epic than these guys. still, tool is here and have been since 1990. they are from los angeles, california and make their own style of progressive rock that takes cues from other talents like, Yes, Rush and King Crimson. the band incorporates ambient textures as well as, post-rock styling's and indie rock yelping through thick layers of guitar and bass. the drumming of danny carey compliments the guitars of adam jones and the grooves of bass player justin chancelor. and finally, there is lead singer, maynard james keenan. this guy is held up there in rock legend status with other singers like, thom yorke and bono. yes, the dude is amazing and his low and high notes are the perfect compliment to the intense music. he was also the singer in the band, A Perfect Circle, which i will post on some other time. oh, and both maynard and danny were in the band, Green Jelly, which are of another world themselves.

i don't want to delve too much into this band because many have already. tool have a very large fan base that keeps on growing, so the thoughts and discussion over material and subject matter contained within the music is not something i have the time to write about today. (i gotta go eat dinner with my family soon!!!)

the complete discography is here for you to make sense of. in first place is the demo titled, 72826. it's a raw cassette tape of demo's that were sent to record companies and sold to early fans. next is their famous ep called, Opiate. this contains the awesome song, "hush" which had a music video with the band members walking about totally naked. and following that is their amazing full length debut, Undertow. this is the album that broke the band into the mainstream and garnered them tons of fans. they toured on Lollapalooza to great acclaim and moved from the second stage to the main. the music video for the song, "sober" brought forth their soon to be style of not appearing in any video's or press releases. adam jones does their video's and uses techniques such as stop motion. after this the band took some time off to make their new album which would become, Ænima. this is their most intense and thought provoking album. (in my opinion of course!!!) they won a grammy for best metal performance with this material. they also appeared on the 1998 Ozzfest which they hated. several more years passed until their next releases which was the Salival, box set. this contained their music video's as well as a live album. it's popular for the bands version of the Led Zeppelin song, "no quarter". the following year would they released the album, Lateralus. it was around this time i got to see them live in oklahoma city. what i can recall from the show was that the crowd behaved like zombies, but then morphed into some sort of weird extraterrestrial manifestation before eating each other alive. it also reminded me of the party scene from the movie, Jacob's Ladder. (i was on stuff when i saw them by the way...) and now we come to the last place which is the album, 10,000 Days. okay people, thank you for following this long tripe of a post. i hope you all enjoy the music and take care of yourselves...

why can't we be sober...

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