Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Have Patience...

in some crazy surprising news, i just found out that New Found Glory, will be playing at the conservatory on september 11th. i'm very excited for this since it's an awesome punk club that's about the size of my living room and kitchen combined!!! like i've said before, it's those small intimate shows that are the most awesome. oh, and local hero's, Red City Radio, have signed to the label, Plaper + Plastic and will release their upcoming debut full length soon!!! sock it to me!!!

going on the third day of associated bands with Converge, here are a legendary act that are one of the most honored in the mathy/metal world of hardcore. i'm am of course talking about, Coalesce.

coalesce are one more of the "big four" when it comes to math rock/metalcore bands. the others are, Botch, The Dillinger Escape Plan and Converge. so, if you happen to like any of those artists, surely your tastes will be quenched here. coalesce have had a hard time throughout their sporadic history as a band. they hail from kansas city, missouri, and started way back in 1994 then ended in 1999. they reformed in 2005 with about half of the original lineup, with former members stacy hilt going on to The Casket Lottery and drummer james dewees playing with The Get Up Kids and forming Reggie and the Full Effect.

sadly, coalesce are one of those bands that don't get enough credit for how much they accomplished in their short time. it seems that just when they were about to explode, they implode, and then all the leeches come and pick up their styles and designs and run with it, cashing in and not showing respect. eh, oh well. that's enough of this old man talk...

alright, so right here is just about the entire discography of the band, minus the self titled 7 inch and the splits with Converge and Napalm Death. so we first start with the ep titled, 002, then follow that with the 7inch titled, A Safe Place. this is immediately followed by the full length, Give Them Rope She Said, which is a reissue, hens the longer title from "give them rope...". this is my personal favorite by the band and it's a great place to start. well actually, this next one might be my favorite, or i'll just say, second favorite. it's their second full length and it's titled, Functioning On Impatience. it's really dope and hits you across the face like some crazy person with a piece of lumber might. after that is the reissue of the ep called, There Is Nothing New Under the Sun. this album contains the original ep that was entirely Led Zeppelin covers, along with their songs from the splits with and Boy Sets Fire, The Get Up Kids and Today Is the Day. after that we come to their last full length before their first breakup titled, 0:12 Revolution in Just Listening. almost eight years later the band reformed and released the 7inch called, Salt and Passage. this kept old school fans happy and wanting more, which the band did, thus in 2009 we got the new album called, OX. this would be followed by the OXEP in 2010. sssssooooooo there you have it!!! a collection of music that will annihilate your ears and make a man out of you. or maybe even a woman... so anyway, enjoy!!!

mixing lemon salt with cheetos is awesome...

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