Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Air Conditioning...

the ac man just came and added more freon to our ancient device which he stated, "is probably older than i am..." we've done this now every summer for the past three or so years. there are many things around this house that need replacing, but the stubbornness of certain people keep those tasks unfinished. funny, but when me and my dad first moved into this house things were already old, but they still looked good. over the years we have survived several tornado storms (may 3rd was yesterday...) hail storms and rainstorms, and came out still intact and in good shape. it's only been the last four years when i noticed us falling apart, not only this house, but ourselves as well. the older i get the more fragile things seem to be. i don't know if this is how it's supposed to be, but i'm guessing that it is. i never took notice enough as a child. but then again, i've always lived in a fragile life, so it's not new to me. it's always been there, but just not acknowledged...

since i've named dropped this band many times over the past month or so, i assume it's time for their shot on my blog. for your listening pleasure, here is, Quicksand.

quicksand was a post-hardcore (basically emo...) band that existed from 1989 to 1995, then from 1997 to 1998. the group was led by walter schreifels from Gorilla Biscuits, and also contained members tom capone, alan cage and sergio vega. the group toured all over and even headlined the first warped tour in 1995 which you can see a little bit of in the video below!!! the group only released two albums in their short time before breaking up. in their last formation, the band toured with the Deftones, whom were of similar tastes and friendships before calling it quits for good.

after the band split, members went on to other musical adventures. walter formed the band, Rival Schools, who are currently making a new record, while sergio joined back with the deftones who just released a new album and possibly the best of the year. tom capone formed the band Handsome, who shared members with Murphy's Law and Helmet and drummer alan cage joined Seaweed and the hardcore band, 108.

those two albums i mentioned can be found right here. first is their debut titled, Slip. this is their most popular and it showcased that emo style of melodic hardcore that later became so commonplace. and in second is their often forgotten second album, Manic Compression. so there ya go!!! look into the past for some brief history with quicksand and see if you can enjoy!!!



turn the temperature ddddoooooowwwwwnnnn...

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