Friday, May 14, 2010

This house is sad...

it's another friday, but tonight should be fun. i'm going out to dinner with my grammy and we usually pick fun places to eat and have good conversation. oh, just to be clear, this is my other grandma. i have two, one i call "grandma" and the other i call, "grammy". it's just how it's always been. lol

i want to mess with you all today and post some "diverse" and "experimental" music. most of you who don't know, would probably just call it "weird". still, music is music and it can be anything you want. case in point, here is the music of, Animal Collective.

this four piece musical group, originally from baltimore, maryland and now located in new york city, formed in 2000, when it was just two members. those two members are noah lennox, also known as "panda bear" and josh dibb, also known as "deakin". the other two members are, david portner, also known as "avey tare" and brian weitz, also known as "geologist". these stage names are of their own creations and have significant meanings to each person.

the music this group makes has many genre names, but in recent years has taken the term, "freak-folk" or "neo-psychedelia". for some basic information, all the tags i listed for these guys are not far off. to make it even easier, let's just say experimental psychedelic pop music. heh heh, i remember reading an old review for one the bands albums. an anonymous person said, "you have to be hipster as f*** to like this music!!!" yeah, that might not be far off for some. this is hipster music, but it's also just music and you don't have to be anything to enjoy it's strange and surreal qualities.

to go through and peel back the many layers of this bands music would take you a very long time. but that's the fun thing about music!!! discovering different things and the ideas behind them. it's always a mystery as to why certain liberties have taken place over others when it comes to being creative. just think of all the stuff we haven't heard!!! all those demo's and ideas that were left on the cutting room floor. i think this is why a lot of artists don't want people to listen to their demo's. it can be a real treat or a curse at the same time.

oh, since i'm posting on these guys today that means i can also mention Panda Bear. noah lennox does solo work under his stage name panda bear, and it's great psychedelic pop music that reminds me of The Beach Boys. i'll post on him eventually because he's awesome as well!!!

here's another long discography, but i'm happy to post it. right here everything the band has done, minus a live album or two. okay, so we start things off with the album, Spirit They're Gone, Spirit They've Vanished. this debut was just noah and dean, thus that's why their names are on the cover. after that we have the album, Danse Manatee which began to feature geologist and avey tare. in third is the album, Campfire Songs then in fourth is the album, Here Comes the Indian. (funny eh???) and next we have my personal favorite by the band and that is the album, Sung Tongs. it's just the right mix of weird, strange, trippy, freakish, scary and awesome all rolled into one. okay, so now we change it up and come to the ep titled, Prospect Hummer. this contains some leftovers from sung tongs. moving right along we come to their next full length and that is, Feels. this album garnered critical acclaim and it came out right when i left for college. after that we have the ep titled, People, then we come to my other favorite album called, Strawberry Jam. it's just an amazing album with disgusting, yet delicious cover art. after that is another ep called, Water Curses, then their latest full length called, Merryweather Post Pavilion. the cover art is inspired by japanese artist, akiyoshi kitaoka, who makes amazing visuals that seem to move when looked at. and finally we come to the last thing and that is the ep, Fall Be Kind. so, you have a choice to make. you can try these out, or leave them be. it's up to you. make it count... oh yeah, ENJOY!!!

meow, kitties...

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