Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Christopher Walken's Voice...

shoot!!! i freekin' missed LOST last night!!! oh nooooooooo!!! well, i'm glad there is HULU, because i can go there right now and watch that missed episode. i think i'm gonna do that right after i'm done typing this. heh heh... (i'm a little sad about the series coming to an end, but that inevitable ending is almost here!!!)

i'm still in a 90's alternative mood, so here is Velocity Girl.

yesterday i mentioned the Drop Nineteens as being one of the few american shoegaze bands, well here is another one. velocity girl formed in 1989 in college park, maryland, but were generally known as a washington d.c. band. they were signed to the famous indie music lable, Sub Pop, were they released most of their full length work. the band toured all over the place and were often compared to the shoegaze band, Lush, being that both bands had female vocals that often traded off with male vocals. they broke up in 1996 but reunited for a one off show in 2003.

another wonderful band that needs more attention, velocity girl bleed 90's nostalgia. as for me, it seems obvious that the 90's are my favorite time in music. heck, it's when i got into music by myself anyway!!! okay, so today i'm posting the bands debut album, Copacetic. this is a great album and the best place to start with these guys. listen to the song, "crazy town" below for your quick fix. enjoy!!!

the island is full of aliens i bet...

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