Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The illusion of schuyler...

moving right along, this week is a special one for me. despite not getting to go to Coachella this year with my friend, i still have some great things to look forward to this weekend. first is on friday. i'm going to the movies with my cousin and step brother to see Kick-Ass. this looks really good and extremely funny. just go to youtube and watch the redband trailers to see what i'm talking about. and then on saturday is the OU powwow. for the first time ever, i'm going to dance in my very own fancy dance outfit!!! i'm a little nervous, but i guess that's normal. i'm really proud of what me and and my dad have accomplished with the regalia. it's very pretty and stands out on it's own. it's a work that's very personal to me and to finally get out there and dance with it, is something i've been looking forward to for some time. i'll post pics of course!!!

okay, well since i've been on this 60's nostalgia trip for almost two weeks now, i think it's time to go ahead and change it up again. let's check out the band, Thrice.

thrice is a little band from irvine, california that started back in 1998. originally, they used to play a more skate-punk style of music before adopting the melodic hardcore/post-hardcore style they became famous with. in these present years, they have evolved so much that their roots aren't as present. instead they have become much more experimental, even going as far as post-rock/art-rock flavors. still, despite all this growing change, the band is still awesome and one of the best that's still out there with the "emo" tag under their name.

going back to 2003, i first got to see them at a local show being held at the now legendary Green Door, punk rock club in oklahoma city. on the bill were, Moments In Grace, Darkest Hour, Poison The Well, and Thrice. darkest hour didn't show up, so we had a local band open, but besides that, it was one of the best shows i've ever been to in my entire life. poison the well were ferocious and thrice were excellent in their musical abilities. in all, one of those moments i'll never forget.

thrice sure has come a long way from scrappy punks to indie rock gods. they are always evolving and it doesn't seem like they will stop for no one. today you will find their entire discography minus some ep's and other small things. in front of the line we have, First Impressions. this was their self released ep that was limited to only 1000 copies at the time and is sought after by those hardcore collectors. next we have their debut lp, Identity Crisis. this is a great album and it showcases the band's evolution quite suddenly. ok, so next we have the album, The Illusion Of Safety. this is my personal favorite and most other people's too. the band absolutely shreds on this collection of songs and it's no coincidence that this is the album that made them popular in the underground. next we have their major label debut, The Artist in the Ambulance. this is what many fans consider their peak of performance and ability. it's another great collection of songs and my second favorite. following that we come to the album, Vheissu. this is where the band starts branching off and going in directions no one thought they would. it's experimental and one worth checking out. so, what follows that art piece are four more art pieces. here we have the collections titled, The Alchemy Index: Vol I, II, III, IV. these four ep's are collected into two albums with that hold two volumes each. these are very experimental musical collections that deal with the elements. volume one is titled, Fire and volume two is titled, Water. for the next two volumes we have the titles, Earth and Air. these albums are not to be forgotten. they really are interesting pieces to listen to. and finally we come to the last spot which is the latest album from the band titled, Beggars. this collection of music is quite good and has garnered many positive reviews from the critics. some even said that it is a creative milestone and surpasses what has come before. huh, really??? well you gotta check it out for yourself!!! dig it...









water is poison...

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