Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Schuyler Went Home...

tonight there are two things of importance possibly happening. first is the away game for the oklahoma city thunder. they will be playing in los angeles amongst smug celebrities and liberal hipsters. i really hope we wipe the floor with them. GO OKLAHOMA!!! yeah, so the other thing that might be happening tonight is another episode of LOST. i read somewhere that tonight is a recap episode, so i'm not sure as to whether or not it's a new episode, but regardless, it's finally happening!!! the end is near for the people stuck on the mysterious island and i can't wait to see it all come to a close. (it better be a good one...)

more summer time fun right here. let's check out, Bedouin Soundclash.

not everything is lame up in canada like some people will tell you. no, instead there is a lot of good stuff happening up there, and music just seems to be one of the best. lots of great bands live up there above our border and it's a pleasure to get to see them sometimes. bedouin soundclash happen to be one of the best that i've seen. the three piece band started in 2001 and have released three albums and one ep to date. they have a different drummer as of now, but that doesn't effect their overall awesome take on reggae and old school ska. the simple melodies and soft vocals make your cold days warm and also makes the summer months seem much better than what they may be for you. they are definitely something to chill out with.

the entire discography of the band is right here. we first start with the album, Root Fire then come to the album, Sounding A Mosaic. their second album is fantastic and a great place to start with the band. okay, so next we have the album, Street Gospels. this is the bands high mark so far. it's an album rich with deep reggae tunes and soft, lush vocals over the excellent band musicianship. and last we have the ep titled, Where Have the Songs Played Gone To? dig it...





the kids just want a love song...

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