Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sweetness and Light...

today i got to do some more of the continuous work that will forever be needed on my fancy dance outfit. it was the shaping of the design that will go on the bottom front apron. it was a chore on how to shape it just perfectly, but eventually i got it down. now, for the big part i have to learn how to do sequin beading. you know, those little flat, shiny, plastic discs that can take the place for beads and help you from doing more heavy work. yeah, those... ugh.

going back in time once again has led me to post on the band, Lush.

one of the forerunners in the 90's shoegaze movement from overseas, lush were held up high and caught on quick with their, ahem... lush guitars and soft vocals. the band formed in 1987, and were originally called, The Baby Machines. a few members went on to different bands before the group changed their name to lush. the two girl guitarists, emma anderson and miki berenyi, took on the vocal duties and drummer chris acland and bassist phil king represented the rest of the band. the group would last until 1996 when chris acland committed suicide in his parents house.

right here you will find two albums by the band. the first is my personal favorite release from the group and it's called, Gala. this album was the first release for american audiences since they were to be playing Lollapalooza that summer. it's a collection of their three ep's and it contains their earliest work. and in second place is their official debut album called, Spooky. eventually, in their latter years, the band would leave the shoegazing genre and move into a more brit-pop style of sound which was taking over during the middle 90's. okay, so you have it here and it's for you to enjoy. go dig some!!!

i think of you
i feel for you
i long for you
i really need you
please come back to me
please come back
please come back to me
please come back...

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