Monday, December 21, 2009

You are (not) alone...

i recently got the first volume of the new redone Neon Genesis Evangelion anime series feature films. it's titled, You are (not) alone. Evangelion 1.01. surprisingly, it's quite good and not what i was expecting from the series. from the first time i watched the television series i was hooked. i have been telling those who do not know of it for a few years now. i, of course, got into it all after the initial hype came about back in the late 90's, early 2000's. it has since become one of my all time favorite television series ever, anime or not. I can't say that about much because in order for something to draw my attention that respectfully, it has to dive deep into my inner thoughts and soul. this series did just that.

i can't describe the series because that would take waaaaaayyyyyy tooooooo llllllooooonnnnnggg to do. instead i will just say that these new movie versions of the show make it all seem more sharp and focused. the original structure is revamped and flows at a much faster pace than the original television show. of course this is a movie, so audiences don't want to spend all day in the theater. (i could!!!) oh, and all the dramatic heaviness of the original show is here, but done much more nicer. it's not as cut and dry as i remember it being before. of course during it's original run, the director of the show was going through depression, so his actions and thoughts came through the characters he created. like i said, it's still here, but just not as intense which is probably a good thing. what really got me into the series was the drama within it. i was going through the hardest time of my life when i first watched this show, (during college) and i guess that's what made me connect to it. today i'm much much better, but still it's hard not to think about those old times i lived, and this show is a reminder of such things. despite that, it's still amazing to watch. so much anime comes out that is just shallow and not thought provoking. i believe this was one of the last few that actually had the guts to be something more than a merchandise empire.

okay, enough with that. now it's time for music!!! how about a little old school punk again??? for your listening pleasure, here is Hüsker Dü.

one of the few punk bands from saint paul, minnesota during the 80's, husker du were another one of the odd balls out of the bunch because they didn't really compare to their peers. they instead went a different way and played their own style of punk with a ferocity that might remind someone of buzz saws and metal grinders. they were thrashy without being metal, and indie without being hipsterish. (ugh, hipsters...) led by lead singer bob mould, the band payed crazy layered pop songs and injected the punk rock attitude along with it. bassist greg norton and drummer grant hart were the rest of the trio.

releasing several albums on sst records before being the first punk band to hit the majors, husker du would go on to inspire so many bands to come. they were one of the bands responsible for making the alternative genre, (i guess...) and their legacy lives on. they are broken up now and not much is going on in terms reunion shows, but mould would later go on on to form the awesome band Sugar and have a great solo career.

today i have my favorite albums by the band and two that are considered their absolute best. first is the amazing double album Zen Arcade and second is the pop masterpiece, New Day Rising. the last is another of the top 500 greatest albums of all time. so with that i hope you all have a nice day and jam some rippin' tunes!!!

It's a celebrated summer... (or winter!!!)

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